Meet the Artist: Karin Dijkstra

Birch Trees In Winter Small
Fleeting moments, forever on paper.

By Kelli Comer

In a world that has seen more lows than highs recently, it can be a reflective and refreshing experience to take a step back from “adulting” and try to see the world in its magical state through the eyes of a child. Local watercolor artist Karin Dijkstra brings mythology, fairy tales, the imagination of her children and more to life with her stunning watercolor masterpieces.

“I remember as a child looking at the world around me and being brought to tears by the beauty of a tree or the delicacy of wildflowers, or even by a simple lullaby,” Karin explains. “Children are able to tap into the magic of the world so easily. This natural ability can be harder to access as adults, and I think we often only experience it in fragments, but it’s still there.”

Foxes by Lamplight

Upon her graduation from Vassar College, Karin experimented in a variety of career paths, including archaeology, history and law. Although painting was a passion she discovered after she turned 30, Karin didn’t work toward a career in art until she returned to Cleveland Heights in 2014, after many years living overseas. When she moved back to the area, she had her first art show and gained the confidence she needed to pursue art as a career.


“Instead of trying to recreate the way the world felt to me when I was young, I try to capture those fleeting moments of beauty, wonder, vibrancy, and stillness that we still experience as adults, when we just pause to truly look at the world around us,” says Karin. “Any painting I create comes from a visceral need to give voice to something internal, and from wanting that expression to bring meaning to others.”

Under the Cherry Tree

Karin’s painting often starts with a long walk. Surrounding herself with nature gives her a chance to explore the imagery in her mind without the clutter and distractions of everyday life. Using watercolor as her primary source, the versatile colors and effects can be both ethereal and substantial.

“I sometimes focus too much on control, and watercolor forces me to let go a little and to enjoy how unpredictable it can be. But, at the same time, I think the medium is a lot more forgiving than people think,” Karin smiles.

Karin Dijkstra

“At the end of the day, art for me is not just about expressing myself but is also about connecting with others and creating something that might bring someone else joy or solace.”

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