Meredith Farrow is a mom with a tight schedule: Here's how she found time for herself at MaxStrength Fitness

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Meredith Farrow, right, pictured with owner/trainer Jeff Tomaszewski, has a crazy schedule that doesn’t leave much time for fitness. The trainer-led workouts at MaxStrength Fitness help her to feel better and she’s starting to see muscle definition. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Meredith Farrow fits the avatar of supermom executive to a T.

Juggling a 10-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son with CEO duties at a fast-growing start-up company takes up the lion’s share of her crazy hectic schedule. Between soccer, dance, tennis, baseball and wrestling, Meredith is constantly on the go, go, go.

The 30-something says her basement workout room is filled with extensive, expensive (and unused) fitness equipment.

“I knew that I would benefit from a training program,” she says, “but I just never had the time or accountability to go down to the basement. And then there’s the fact that I actually hate working out. We’ve even had trainers come to our home, but I couldn’t stick with it. Luckily, I’ve always been thin, so I never had to worry about my weight, but I wasn’t strong or fit.”

Leading Clean Remedies—a company that makes natural, hemp-based products such as topicals, bath salts and gummies—made Meredith think about her own health and wellness.

When a friend highly recommended MaxStrength Fitness as an intense program that took little time from your daily schedule, she gave it a shot.

“Seriously, who doesn’t have 20 minutes to spare when it comes to your health?” she asks. “And a big plus is that the twice-weekly workouts don’t make you sweaty, as the studio is slightly chilly. I hate sweating, having to run to the shower and redo my hair and makeup after working out. This is quick and highly efficient, a perfect fit with my life, and why I’ve stuck with it for the past year. I couldn’t recommend it strongly enough.”

She says that the workouts are challenging and have become progressively harder. At the end of the day, that sense of ongoing achievement has been gratifying.

“The results are that I feel great and am seeing muscle definition that I’ve never seen before,” she says. “I’m energized, and that informs every other part of my work and family life. I’m grateful. Every time I walk in the studio, my trainer is there waiting for me with a custom-fit workout that I enjoy.”

Virtual Training Done Right
“Our philosophy at MaxStrength has always been to do things differently than everyone else,” says Founder Jeff Tomaszewski. “Our elite, science-based training focuses on building successful relationships between trainers and clients.”

When they devised their virtual training program over the summer, in the wake of Covid, he says they opted for a more intense program with each client being under his or her trainer’s watchful eye, instructing them throughout the session and tailoring the routines to each person’s goals and capabilities.

“With traditional virtual training, clients try to mimic what someone else is doing,” explains Jeff. “That wasn’t good enough for us. Virtual training has become so popular, some of our regular in-studio clients have opted for one or two sessions per week at home. It’s also great for snowbirds, who are heading south this month, so they can stay healthy all year long.”

MaxStrength Fitness is located at 2211 Crocker Road in Westlake. One-on-one virtual training is available. Working with The Germ Free Company, the studio is continuously disinfected. They also limit the number of clients allowed in the facility and run wellness checks on staff to make sure they’re symptom-free. Just call 440-835-9090 for Westlake, or 440-226-8080 for the Willoughby location located at 4212 State Route 306 in Willoughby. Visit for more information, or to view more testimonials.