New approaches to chronic neck pain

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By Nigel Brayer, DC, FIAMA, Dipl. IAMA, Living Tree Center for Healing

When life is marked by how well you navigate pain to get through the day, that’s not really living—it’s existing. Pain robs us of the ability to tap into joy, and now, more than ever before, living joyfully is crucial.

That’s why when Sheila came to me with neck pain she’d been battling for years, I knew we needed to pull out all the tools in our arsenal to provide her with the relief she hadn’t known for some time.

And here’s the thing about pain. When you have an injury that produces pain as the result, the quicker you come to see us the better the chances you can make a full recovery. When you wait years, like Sheila did, you reduce the likelihood that we can return you to a pain-free existence.

In Sheila’s case, a neck injury from long ago resulted in the chronic pain she’d been living with. She woke up with pain, she couldn’t look over her shoulder, and her neck was always stiff.

We started by taking X-rays of her neck in order to evaluate the underlying cause of her pain. That’s the basis for much of our treatment. When we identified the mechanical dysfunction in her neck, we were able to address it using a unique approach.

See, at Living Tree Center for Healing, we don’t offer chiropractic care as the only solution. We also incorporate things like acupuncture, massage therapy and muscle therapy to get people where they need to be. And it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

For Sheila, we were able to dramatically reduce her pain to the point where she’s just about back to her old self. Not everyone requires follow-up visits, but she does to maintain her results.

If you’ve been living with pain for years, or you’ve experienced a recent injury that’s causing you to suffer needlessly, I invite you to schedule a free consultation (a $75 value). We’ll talk about where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there.

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