No more excuses for getting in the best shape of your life with My Personal Trainer

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Losing weight, gaining strength, boosting flexibility and more are possible at My Personal Trainer. Shown here is trainer Dan Zimmerman with client Michael. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

As we start to slowly reawaken from the Covid-19 cocoon of Netflix and comfort food, you might notice that your clothes have shrunk. And you can’t blame the dry cleaner, because they haven’t been open. The “Quarantine 15,” (yes, it’s a thing, similar to the “Freshman 15” and similarly sad) of packing on pounds without realizing it, is hitting most of us. It’s time to seek out the professionals.

My Personal Trainer studio in Westlake is now open. They provide training that produces lasting results in a welcoming setting that costs a fraction of what most personal trainers charge. The studio’s winning formula produces results: just two weekly trainer-supervised workouts utilizing state-of-the-art exercise machines.

“Our goal is for clients to build lean muscle mass, which boosts metabolism and improves overall health,” says Eric Schaefer, who is both a trainer and studio owner.

“After the age of 30, people will lose approximately three to five percent of their muscle mass each decade. We strive to reverse that.”

Michael B. of Avon is an excellent example of a gentleman who is saying “no thank you” to aging.

At 65, he’s still working full-time as a wealth manager. Although he looks like he’s in amazing shape and you wouldn’t clock him at a day over 50, when he first came to MPT, Michael was plagued with debilitating arthritis.

“I had pain in my hands, elbows and shoulders,” he recalls. “It was getting so bad that I couldn’t even pick up my grandsons. Now, a year and a half later, I’m 100 percent pain-free.”

The Westlake studio has a team of results-driven trainers. They are observing all recommended safety protocols and following the latest federal and state guidelines. My Personal Trainer’s individual, twice-a-week, by appointment only sessions are private, and in a clean and safe environment allowing guests to focus on their fitness goals.

My Personal Trainer is conveniently located within a shopping plaza at 25959 Detroit Road in Westlake. They offer discounted monthly rates from $109-$159. For more information, call 440-808-0000 or visit