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The stylish massage chairs of today make it easier to take on what life throws at you

With the increase of self-care and wellness services, especially during the Covid pandemic, it’s not surprising that the luxury massage chair market is perched for its own explosive growth. In fact, Reportlinker estimates that over the next three years, it will grow by nearly $110 million. Locally, within its showroom gallery, Wisewell...

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Acclaim Renovations & Design can transform your space in the work-from-home era

In the spirit of New Year’s, I recently sat down with Bob Gallese, founder of Acclaim Renovations & Design, and asked him for a look back on the past year, and peek into his crystal ball for 2021. “The pandemic forced us all to stare at our own four walls for a good long time,” he says. “And that meant renovating your home became a top...

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An alternative to diuretics

Now that 2020 is behind us, it’s time to focus on improving our health in 2021. Last year’s inactivity had a major impact on our health. Over the past few months, our practice has seen a sharp increase in everything from leg pain and swelling to venous ulcers. Being stuck at home meant that we were less active. Our step count decreased. We...

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Dive into high-end dishes with exotic ingredients

Ripped from the pages of Bon Appetit or Saveur magazines, Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is kicking off the new year by introducing Omakase Dining—an exotic adventure to put on your bucket list. This ancient form of Japanese dining puts guests in the chef’s expert hands, letting him create seasonal dishes for them with high-end...

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Let's get your insurance in order

Now that the holidays are over and life has slowed down a bit, a little insurance housekeeping is in order. If you’re like most people, insurance isn’t something you really want to think about. But with the bit of downtime you have now, I’d like to suggest you take a minute to do exactly that. January is an ideal time for an insurance...

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