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Lose unwanted fat with TruSculptiD

“It’s not surgery, and it’s not a magic wand, but it will make a dramatic difference,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews, a board-certified physician and the owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar. With just one 15-minute treatment, 24 percent of the fat beneath the skin immediately starts releasing itself from the body—permanently...

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Your business's reputation: What consumers are seeing online about your business could shock you

There are many different ways to learn about a new business. Maybe you just read about one in Mimi and are interested in reaching out to them; or your trusted eye doctor recommends laser eye surgery and gives the number of a Lasik eye surgeon nearby; or maybe a friend recommends a new place to eat. You could pick up the phone and call or...

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Meet the Artist: Karin Dijkstra

In a world that has seen more lows than highs recently, it can be a reflective and refreshing experience to take a step back from “adulting” and try to see the world in its magical state through the eyes of a child. Local watercolor artist Karin Dijkstra brings mythology, fairy tales, the imagination of her children and more to life with her...

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Selling your family business with Chris at Crossroads Advisers

The people who are interested in buying your family business are taking a risk. If they feel uncomfortable about their ability to operate profitably, the deal that you may be relying on to support you during retirement could fall apart. You can expect a seller to meticulously examine every detail of your financial records before agreeing to...

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It’s time to shake things up in your home with with Chagrin Home Improvements

Now that you’re back indoors, do you notice anything different about the interior of your home? Maybe it’s time you did. Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, has a crew of expert painters ready to elevate the interior of your home and your mood right along with it. Nothing does that like a fresh paint job. “The holidays are...

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