Now is the time to eliminate grime, mold, and mildew from your home

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Pristine Clean employs a team of highly-trained, uniformed professionals who perform a thorough cleaning while being respectful of you, your family and your property.

By Mitch Allen

Years ago I participated in the professional development program known as the Disney Institute. During one seminar, we learned that Walt Disney World sees its top competition as a new roof. In other words, a family must decide, “Is this the year we go to Disney World or the year we get a new roof?”

Never has this notion been more relevant than now, when millions of homeowners are canceling vacation plans and putting that money into improving their homes.

“This is the busiest season we’ve ever experienced by far,” says Pristine Clean founder Ken Wilson. “Homeowners are staying home and they want their property clean. It’s hard to relax in your backyard when you’re staring at grime, mold, mildew and algae. Plus, right now people want to control what they can control, and they can easily control beautifying their home and property—with our help.”

Pristine Clean specializes in three different services: house washing, concrete cleaning and sealing, and roof washing. Homeowners can choose one, two or all three services:

House Washing
Many homeowners are surprised to learn that vinyl siding requires regular maintenance.

“You don’t have to paint it, but you do need to clean it,” Ken says. “Vinyl siding features a UV coating that prevents it from fading and cracking. Grime—dirt, algae and bacteria—breaks down this coating causing your siding to fade and look chalky. We perform a soft-pressure wash using a mild mildew-cide, which helps remove the grime and kill the algae and bacteria.”

Concrete Surfaces
Northeast Ohio’s harsh winters chip away at our sidewalks and driveways. That’s because concrete is porous.

When water penetrates then freezes, it creates cracking and flaking. Pristine’s “Concrete Clean and Seal”—which protects concrete, brick, and paver surfaces—includes a pressure wash of your concrete with a walk-behind surface cleaner and the application of a biodegradable cleanser to gently lift and remove surface marks and contaminants. Then comes an application of a deep-penetrating, siloxane-based concrete sealant, which is absorbed into the concrete to protect the driveway and preserve its longevity.

Those black streaks on your roof are not dirt, stains from tree debris, or even mildew. They are gloeocapsa magma, an ancient algae that breaks down your roof by feeding off of the limestone granules embedded in the shingles. “We use a soft wash here, too, to avoid damage to your roof,” Ken says. “It will look like you have a new roof.”

Pristine Clean also works with property managers and HOAs to clean condominium complexes and apartment buildings.

Headquartered in Berea, Pristine Clean beautifies homes throughout Northeast Ohio. They are consistent winners of the Angie’s List Super Service Award and are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. Call 440-454-7041 to arrange for a free estimate, or visit All technicians are bonded, insured and certified by the Power Washers of North America.