Now is the time to stop cleaning your gutters

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Anthony Alberino’s The Gutter Boys offers an exclusive micro-mesh gutter guard system ranked #1 in the nation by the independent NCR Consumer Advocacy Group. Its raised S-curve micro-mesh allows for the self-shedding of debris.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

Early in Lerner and Loewe’s hit musical Camelot, when King Arthur is describing the absolute perfection of his kingdom to Guinevere, the future queen asks, “And I suppose the autumn leaves fall into neat little piles?” And the king answers, “Oh no, my lady. They blow away night, of course.”

Unfortunately, Northeast Ohio is not Camelot. And while our autumn leaves are beautiful for a few short weeks, when they fall they do not magically disappear. Instead, we’re responsible for removing them wherever they settle, including in our gutters.

Clogged, overflowing gutters can result in a host of problems—from simple stains on your home’s siding to wet basements and damaged foundations. Houses with basements feature a complex drainage system to divert water away from the foundation. If any part of that system fails—including a clogged gutter—a damp basement is the result.

Cleaning your gutters several times a year is essential, but it’s better—and safer—to purchase a gutter cover system and end gutter cleaning forever.

According to the NCR Consumer Advocacy Group—the nation’s largest publisher of independent third-party testing, ratings and reviews for the gutter cover and home improvement industry—Northeast Ohio’s The Gutter Boys sells and installs the best gutter cover system on the market. In 2019, their system ranked number one in all categories evaluated: value, effectiveness, industry reputation, strength, water throughput, durability and “overall.”

“Our system works so well because it features a high-flow, stainless steel micro-mesh that lets water in but keeps debris out,” explains company founder Anthony Alberino.

The openings in The Gutter Boys’ mesh measure 440 microns as opposed to 60 microns in plastic alternatives. “At 60 microns, the mesh is simply too tight—the holes are too close together to allow for proper water flow,” Anthony says. “Because our micro-mesh is made of stainless steel, not plastic, we can make it 440 microns and really let the water flow.”

This effect is enhanced because The Gutter Boys’ micro-mesh features a raised S-curve that increases the surface area, allowing for the self-shedding of debris. Plus, its vertical louvered frame improves drainage so it cannot become clogged with moss or algae like horizontal frames can.

Plus, it features a fully-transferrable, lifetime warranty.

Meet Gutter Specialist Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson started with The Gutter Boys cleaning gutters in 2014. He quickly proved himself, and in 2015 went through rigorous training to become a Gutter Specialist. He’s still on a ladder every day, but now he’s inspecting roofs and gutters, and giving homeowners estimates for the installation of the company’s #1-rated micro-mesh gutter system.

But don’t call him a salesperson.

The Gutter Boys' Gutter Specialist Ryan Thompson

“I often meet with homeowners who have received estimates from other gutter companies, and I’m shocked by some of the stories I hear,” Ryan says. “They suffer through three-hour sales presentations, being trapped by the guy in their own home, and presented with estimates that are quadruple a price that’s reasonable. It grinds my gears.”

Ryan says his top priority on every call is not to make a sale. “I don’t worry about selling. My goal is to thoroughly evaluate each homeowner’s situation and make a smart recommendation. That’s it. If I do that, the sales will come. It starts at the top. Management here doesn’t put pressure on us to ‘close deals.’ We have a superior product at a really fair price so we have the best online reviews by far. All I do is give the best advice I can to every homeowner.”

As a result of Ryan’s efforts he’s the company’s top Gutter Specialist, helping dozens of homeowners with a new gutter cover system every week.

“There is no secret to success,” Ryan says. “I’m polite, responsible, on time, and I make good recommendations. Plus, I’m respectful of people’s time. I can inspect and measure your existing gutters, present our gutter cover system, make a recommendation, and give you a quote in 25 minutes or less.”

Anthony Alberino’s The Gutter Boys offers an exclusive micro-mesh gutter guard system ranked #1 in the nation by the independent NCR Consumer Advocacy Group. Its raised S-curve micro-mesh allows for the self-shedding of debris.

The Gutter Boys is headquartered at 1090 West Bagley Road, in Berea. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are bonded and insured. Call 440-454-7040 to schedule a free on-site consultation and estimate, or visit for more information. They also offer 12 months same-as-cash financing.