Old-fashioned values and super sales are some of the reasons why Home Appliance Sales and Service can’t stop growing

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Like all growing companies, Home Appliance Sales and Service is proudly hiring again with positions available at their new retail facility in Avon and at their distribution center in Brunswick.

By Bill Yurgen

The appliance business can be a bit of a conundrum. Not only is it a big portion of consumer expenditures each year, but appliances keep trending from being “just appliances” to fashion-worthy must-haves that satisfy the latest culinary or design cravings of hungry consumers.

Your mother’s old Norge washer and dryer have been replaced by appliances like LG’s suite of award winning Wi-Fi connected fabric care appliances that include the LG Styler, a clever device that allows you to refresh your clothing daily while removing harmful allergens—without washing.

And back in the day, who would have dreamed of refrigerators that let you glimpse inside from your cell phone while at the store or ranges that rival the performance of those once only available for the best restaurants?

Need vs. Have
“We live appliances every day and even we are astounded at the number of innovations the industry is bringing forth,” Beth Grayson, president of Home Appliance Sales and Service remarked recently.

“One trend we never thought we would see is customers who, instead of waiting for their old appliance to die, will actually replace an appliance specifically to upgrade features or make a fashion statement. For these trend-conscious consumers, appliances are a bit like their cars or even their smartphones.”

Beth and Brian Grayson, proprietors of Home Appliance Sales & Service

I can see that, but I had a bit of difficulty getting my head around why locally-owned Home Appliance Sales and Service is growing, having added a new distribution center, a new hub for their popular parts and service business, and is now preparing to open a brand-new concept store in Avon in mid-June—all while some prominent national retailers have fallen by the wayside. JCPenney entered the big tag appliance business in 2016 and recently announced they will no longer be selling major appliances…already.

So what is little ol’ Home Appliance doing right that industry behemoths like HH Gregg, Circuit City and now Penney’s (and Sears) got entirely wrong?

Doing It the Home Appliance Way
Beth, a highly savvy businesswoman, has a perfect answer.

“It’s our values and how we offer value,” she said.

“When you buy an appliance from us, we deliver it in our own trucks and we use our own skilled technicians, dedicated to installation, to expertly install your new appliance and tote away your old one. We use no outside contractors. Our service department trains our service technicians to be the people you would ideally want to service your appliances—prompt, polite, friendly and, most of all, knowledgeable—so they do the job quickly and correctly.

Home Appliance Lodi is located at 110 Highland Dr. Phone 330-948-4663.

In fact, we make no assumptions and train all of our new employees so whether it’s service, sales, installation, parts or delivery, our employees know exactly how we want things done, and that means making our customers’ needs a priority. We consistently receive compliments from our customers on how a visit with one of our salespeople is so informative. It saves them all the online research they really didn’t want to have to do first.”

An Incredible Experience Awaits
“Speaking of the Home Appliance way,” Beth continued, “our new Avon store will further dispel any ideas that online shopping is a better approach. In our new Avon location you will see over 23 kitchen displays and vignettes. These appliances, many of which are live and working are integrated into the very latest design trends. The ideas and opportunities awaiting our customers are sure to delight their imaginations and deliver an extraordinary shopping experience.”

The Home Appliance Job Fair
Like all growing companies, Home Appliance Sales and Service is proudly hiring again with positions available at their new retail facility in Avon and at their distribution center in Brunswick.

Home Appliance Brunswick is located at 1997 Pearl Rd. Phone 330-225-5807.

A job fair will be held at the company’s Brunswick store at 1997 Pearl Rd. Tuesday, May 21 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please go online to YourHomeAppliance.com/Employment and complete a career history form to bring with you along with a resume.

For additional information and hours, visit YourHomeAppliance.com. Mid-June 2019, Home Appliance will be opening their grand new store in Avon located at 1180 Jaycox Rd.