One of the best ways to successfully lose weight and keep it off is to hire the right coach

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At his Healthy One WeightLoss, Dr. Frank Dachtler practices what he preaches. As a successful graduate of the program he offers, Dr. Frank continues to maintain his optimum weight.

By Beth Newcomb

Ryan Tompot has always struggled with his weight. As a married father with young children, he knew his unhealthy eating habits were affecting the food choices his kids made.

“They were eating horribly, but I didn’t know how to point them in a different direction,” he says. “I was raised on processed foods that came out of a box, so that’s what I fed my kids.”

Done with feeling sluggish, depressed, ashamed and unattractive, Ryan decided to get serious about losing 30 pounds. “I’d tried to do it myself for years and would fail time and time again,” he recalls. “I’d start to get bigger, hate myself, try to lose weight, fail, then get a little bigger. It was a bad cycle.”

Ryan learned about the HealthyOne Weight Loss program offered by Dr. Frank Dachtler and decided to give it a try.

“People like Ryan are not unusual,” says Dr. Frank.

“They need guidance to get and stay on the path toward wellness. There is so much information out there—good and bad—it can be a challenge to sort through it all. Having a support person walk you through the process and coach you along the way helps to change the way you think about food.”

Dr. Frank likens the need for a weight loss coach to a star athlete.

“Even the top golfers of the world need coaching,” he says. “They need someone to watch their form, check their swing and help them to make the shot using the right club.”

Very few people, he notes, can go it alone. The reason is habits are formed that are mentally hard to break.

“Consider what happens after you lose your first 10 pounds,” Dr. Frank suggests. “How do you keep it off? The accountability aspect of our program helps to keep people on task. When you have to answer to someone it makes it more real.”

“What I like best about this program is that it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change,” Ryan says. “The plan was easy to follow and simply laid out in a step-by-step format. Anyone can do it. The doctor and staff are really great at keeping you motivated. But they also genuinely care about your success.”

By following Dr. Frank’s recommendations, Ryan dropped 27 pounds in 42 days and he didn’t have to starve himself to do it. Drinking lots of water, he reveals, was one of the secrets.

Here’s How it Works
Instead of extreme weight loss measures, exercising to the point of burnout, managing your health with medications (which can actually cause weight gain), or going it alone, the Healthy One WeightLoss program is a manageable lifestyle change during which participants learn how to modify their relationship with food. The result is typically a decrease or elimination of medications, a decrease in cholesterol and high blood pressure, a decrease in blood glucose levels, and a guaranteed 20- to 40-pound weight loss in six to eight weeks.

“Diets should give you some results, but they won’t work forever. The body adapts and your diet needs to adapt along with it. Our plan is personalized and you’ll learn how to change it when your body needs you to,” Dr. Frank says.

Dr. Frank notes the Healthy One WeightLoss program is a perfect fit for any body. Participants with as little as 20 stubborn pounds to lose all the way up to those with more than 100 to shed are candidates.

“Weight loss needs to be sustained so you can stay healthy year after year,” Dr. Frank adds. “With our plan, you have a doctor dedicated to your success, and we maintain contact even after you’ve reached your goal.”

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