Personal training isn’t just for elite athletes, it’s also for people who simply want to play on the floor with their grandchildren

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Fitness Together owner Erin Mellinger (right) and her team offer personal training in two private studios in the heart of Fairlawn. Workouts are customized based on each client’s individual goals and fitness level—and it’s more affordable than you might think.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

A good friend of Mimi’s once revealed that she pulled into the parking lot of large fitness facility to do a morning workout when she saw a few thin, attractive women walking into the gym.

Her heart sank.

She left immediately and bought a donut.

We all have days like this, days when we wonder if we can be the type of person we want to be, if we are even worth the effort, if it’s too late for us.

Well, Erin Mellinger, the energetic and passionate owner of Fairlawn’s Fitness Together, has the answer:

“Yes, you are worth it,” she says “And, no, it is never too late.”

A Better Quality of Life
We all know the dramatic improvement diet and exercise can make in our well-being, including helping us avoid big problems like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Regular exercise can also help us get off of powerful drugs for everything from high blood pressure and high cholesterol to depression.

But there is another reason.

“Yes, exercise can help extend your life, but it also helps improve the quality of your life,” Erin says.

“And we’re not talking about winning marathons. Our clients want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath; they want to walk down a flight of stairs with a laundry basket and not worry about losing their balance; they want to be able to get down on the floor and play with their grandchildren; they want to get up out of a chair without even thinking about it; they want to enjoy the peace of mind and confidence—the natural endorphins—that come from exercising. These are all little things, but they add up to one big thing: being a healthier and happier person.”

Exercise You’ll Actually Do
Of course, exercise only works if you do it, and most people simply don’t do it. That’s why having a personal trainer so often leads to long-term success. There is a dedicated professional who understands your goals, who guides you, who holds you accountable, and who is there waiting on you to come in for your workout.

“At Fitness Together, everything we do is customized to each individual client,” Erin explains.

“We sit down with you during your initial consultation and partner with you to set goals and design a program that will get you there. And everyone has his or her own issues. It might be a muscle imbalance, a posture issue, a bad back, shoulder pain, or an old injury. We take all that into consideration. There is no one-size-fits-all workout.”

The training sessions at Fitness Together—including the equipment, the movements, the challenge level, and even music playing—are built around what each client enjoys.

Fitness Together trainers keep clients engaged and motivated with a wide variety of workouts featuring weights, kettlebells, balance balls, battle ropes, kickboxing bags, boxing gloves, and more.

“Working out doesn’t have to be a miserable experience,” Erin says. “It should be interesting and fun. And when it’s fun, we’re more likely to actually do it.”

To keep things interesting at Fitness Together, training takes place in private suites that feature a variety of workout options, including weights, kettlebells, balance balls, battle ropes, kickboxing bags, boxing gloves and more—all designed to keep you motivated.

“You’re not buying a workout,” Erin says. “You’re investing in your long-term quality of life. When we do regular exercise in the middle of life, we have a much better chance of being active and healthy well into our 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.”

Okay, So How Much?
While a dedicated personal trainer is more expensive than going it alone, having the support of a professional can still be achievable. Depending on how many times you work out each week, your program will likely cost about the same as a monthly car payment—a Buick, not a Rolls Royce. That’s extremely affordable when you consider the effective on your health and happiness.

Donuts not included, darling.

Fitness Together is located in Fairlawn at 2890 Sand Run Parkway (at the corner of Mertz Blvd.). Erin’s Medina studio is located within the Medina Signature Square Shopping Center at 3725 Medina Road, Suite #106. Call 330-692-2315 for more information or to schedule a no-strings-attached consult. The website is