Peters Professional Landscaping is a go-to source for fall cleanup and winter snow removal

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Owner Chris Peters and General Manager Josh Riley are preparing their snow removal equipment and stockpiling salt reserves so you don’t have to plow your own driveway and de-ice your sidewalks this winter. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

The folks at Peters Professional Landscaping have been busy beautifying local landscapes all summer long.

Now, as the temps make their annual descent, they hope people also consider them their fall and winter go-to guys for yard cleanup and snow removal.

“As the days get darker, and people don’t have that much time to devote to caring for their yard after they get home from work, that’s when our phones start ringing off the hook for fall clean-up service,” says General Manager Josh Riley.

“Rather than waiting until it’s too late, we hope this year people will think ahead and get on our schedule. We can also break the cleanup down to 2-3 visits, that would be shorter and cost about the same as one more extensive cleanup. You don’t necessarily have to wait until the end of the leaf-drop.”

Best Time to Plant and Seed?
“This is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs, as well as lay down new lawns,” says Josh. “Putting plant material in the ground now lets it become accustomed to the soil, then go dormant, so it’ll be in perfect shape come springtime.”

With the wet and chilly spring of 2019, he reports many homeowners in new developments decided to wait until fall to put their lawns in for the best results.

With the wet and chilly spring of 2019, many homeowners in new developments decided to wait until fall to put their lawns in for the best results. Peters Professional Landscaping is one of the few companies in the area to offer Hydro-seeding. Using a truck, they spray dirt with a seed and fertilizer mix for a lusher, greener lawn in less time.

Josh explains they are one of the few operations in the area to offer Hydro-seeding.

“Using a truck, we spray dirt with a seed and fertilizer mix that’s dyed green,” he says. “The method provides a lusher lawn in less time, about two weeks.”

Enjoy Snowfall From Indoors
“Sorry to be the one to break this to you, but I’ve gone over the Farmers’ Almanac report for this winter and it predicts Ohio will expect above-average snowfall,” says Josh.

“But that doesn’t mean you have to be out there shoveling it. Why not enjoy the view from your window? Just give us a call and we can plow your driveway and de-ice your sidewalks with our trusty fleet of snow removal equipment. Our trucks are on duty for two inches or more of snow on residential or commercial concrete, and three to four inches or more on gravel driveways.”

He says most of their customers opt for a seasonal contract to ensure reliable service all winter long. From November through March, you simply pay a monthly fee for however many plows are called for.

“Many of our customers hire us to make sure elderly relatives are not snowed in during the winter months,” he says. “It makes a great Christmas gift, too.”

Brining: Not Just for Turkey Anymore
According to owner Chris Peters, they are always looking for novel ways to do any job more efficiently.

About three years ago they invested in a saltwater tank system to make brine to use as an application for sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.

“This liquid, which is made from rock salt, is spread on the concrete by trucks as a pre-application before snow hits,” he says.

“It’s a proactive approach. A pre-treated area that has dried will ‘eat’ up to an inch of snow. Used mostly for commercial applications with more area to cover, it ends up being a little cheaper than salt.”

HOA-Approved for Reliability
“Our year-round business maintaining properties for homeowners’ associations has skyrocketed over the years,” says Josh, noting that HOAs and businesses take stock in their one-two punch of reliability and accountability.

Now, as the temps make their annual descent, the team at Peters Professional Landscaping hopes residents consider them their fall and winter go-to guys for yard cleanup and snow removal.

“They especially appreciate our plowing, salt and brine protection in the winter months. Our trucks are all equipped with GPS units, so they can report exactly when and where they salt or brine sidewalks and parking lots, which is a nice feature to cover you if someone falls.”

Schedule Your Cleanup!
Peters Professional Landscaping General Manager Josh Riley suggests these Top 5 reasons to schedule a professional yard cleanup this fall.

  1. It’ll save you money. “The more we can accomplish in the fall, the less we have to do with a spring cleanup.”
  2. Trimming is key. “You want to cut down ornamental grasses and trim back shrubs before winter hits.”
  3. Leaves and debris can be dangerous. “Leaves left on top of grass can smother it, promote mold and bacteria to grow, and even provide a place for invasive insects to live.”
  4. Dead trees or shrubs. “We will remove any that didn’t make it through summer and haul them away.”
  5. Knowing how long is long enough. “The last couple lawn mows of the season should be shorter ones, as the grass will be dormant. This allows sunlight to reach the crown of the grass, which allows the soil to dry out faster in the spring.”

Based in Medina, Peters Professional Landscaping is located at 7080 Wooster Pike. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 330-722-8884 or visit