Peters Professional Landscaping: The best yard on the block starts here

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The team at Peters Professional Landscaping can create the perfect outdoor space. Are you ready to boast the best yard on the block? Pictured L-R: Gary Frantz, account manager, Chris Peters, owner and Josh Riley, general manager. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Around this time of year, every year, you vow to earn BYOB bragging rights (best yard on the block). But time slips away, and before you know it midsummer comes along and you’re so far behind you’re barely keeping up with the mowing.

Now’s the time to call Peters Professional Landscaping.

From mulching, edging and spring yard clean-up, to designing and installing landscapes, to building patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, ponds, fountains, gazebos and barns, the professionals at Peters have been beautifying outdoor living spaces since 1992.

“We have a passion for perfection,” says founder Chris Peters. “For us, every job is unique. We enjoy bringing our customers’ outdoor dreams to life.”

Spring Cleaning for Your Yard
General Manager Josh Riley says May is their biggest month for mulch.

“Our storage containers are filled with every color, style and shred,” he says. “And since we buy in bulk, you can expect low prices, too.”

He says there is a big difference in the finished effect between mulch that has been professionally laid versus doing it yourself.

“After a homeowner has spent days trying to lay their own mulch, when they could have been enjoying the springtime, they realize they could’ve just made a call to us,” he says.

From mulching——in every color, style and shred——edging and spring yard clean-up, to designing and installing landscapes, to building patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, ponds, fountains, gazebos and barns, Peters Professional Landscaping has been beautifying outdoor living spaces since 1992.

Choosing the right color can make a difference in emphasizing your home’s exterior, as well as the colors of your landscaping. But the service is more complicated than just esthetics.

“Mulch also plays a role in conserving moisture in the soil and suppressing weed growth,” he explains. “From an environmental standpoint, it reduces erosion and sediment runoff.”

Now that lawns have come back to life, it’s the perfect time to think about re-seeding bald patches that may not have weathered winter.

“The optimum time to lay seed is May so that germination takes place before the heat of summer,” he says.

“Everyone loves lush colorful landscaping, but not everyone likes to spend the time maintaining it,” says Chris. “We’re sensitive to select low maintenance stock and an overall combination that will bloom spring, summer and fall. We get to know our customers before designing their yard. Landscaping is like a work of art. We mix different colors, shapes and species for the most pleasing, balanced look.”

And like the mulch, landscaping stock is also bought in bulk to save their customers money.

Peters Professional Landscaping also offers something the other guys don’t.

“We want to beautify entire neighborhoods,” says Chris. “That’s why we offer group discounts on hydro seeding for new home developments. If you and your future neighbors want to start fresh with your lawn, we’ll do them all at once for less. It’s a perfect way to save money while making the new development look beautiful and lush.”

Let’s Take this Outside
Whether you’d like to start from the grass up and create a new outdoor dream space, or have an existing patio you’d like to improve upon, Peters can create a look that is unique to you and built to last. As an Authorized Unilock Contractor, they only work with the best quality pavers that come with a lifetime warranty on parts.

“Each year, we find that people are opting for ‘staycations’ and investing more in their own backyard,” says Josh. “Our average jobs used to be laying patios with enough room for a grill and a table. Now clients want outdoor kitchens, bars and televisions. Creature comforts from the indoors have made their way out.”

In addition to an array of fire pits and fireplaces, Josh says a growing trend is water features, from colorful Koi ponds to trickling fountains.

“Lighting installation has also come a long way,” he says. “On most jobs, we combine several layers of lighting for a sophisticated effect.”

Barns, Grills, Furniture and More
Becoming a trusty one-stop shop for everything outdoors is integral to the folks at Peters, and each year they come up with new ways to help you make the most of your surroundings.

For instance, they are a trusted dealer of the best-made, Amish-crafted Weaver barns, sheds and pavilions.

Peters Professional Landscaping is a trusted dealer of the best-made, Amish-crafted Weaver barns, sheds and pavilions, as well as the Amish-made wood furniture including dining tables and chairs, rockers, gliders and swings.

“Whether you want a trendy ‘she-shed’ for stylish storage and outdoor craft and work space, or a charming gathering space, we can custom build one for you,” says Chris. “The level of craftsmanship and quality is uncompromising.”

Styles can match or complement any home, with natural, stained or painted wood. Stop by Peters and take a tour of the full-sized Craftsman, Estate and Gable models at their brick-and-mortar location.

Stop by Peters Professional Landscaping to view first hand a pavilion and the full-sized Craftsman, Estate and Gable model sheds at their brick-and-mortar location on Wooster Pike.

Durability and style also come into play with their selection of Amish-made outdoor furniture, from dining tables and chairs, to rockers, gliders and swings.

The sophisticated styles come in 42 colors that can be mixed and matched within a piece, including natural wood shades.

With all the elements in place, it’s time to invite the neighbors over and fire up the grill. They’ve got you covered with a variety of options, including top-of-the-line Smoke-N-Hot grills that allow you to smoke, roast and bake as well as grill food.

Based in Medina, Peters Professional Landscaping is located at 7080 Wooster Pike. They serve homes and businesses throughout Northeast Ohio and enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 330-722-8884 or visit