Premier cabinetry at rock-bottom prices from Choice Cabinet

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Choice Cabinet’s strong and sturdy line of cabinetry has all the latest bells and whistles—at a price you can afford. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Ken McEntee

The attraction of outdoor grilling and dining may leave your normally hectic kitchen fairly empty during the summer. That makes this an ideal time for a well-deserved renovation, suggests Jessica Ricard, product and quality manager at Choice Cabinet, a family owned business located in Warrensville Heights. Some might even say it’s Cleveland’s best-kept secret.

“Summer is a very busy time for kitchen projects,” Jessica says. “The ability to cook out on the patio opens up an opportunity to update with a minimum of inconvenience.”

With the recent addition of Saturday hours at its new showroom, Choice Cabinet—Northeast Ohio’s own cabinet manufacturer—makes it easier than ever to get your update done quickly, and with high-end quality. With an inventory of more than 50,000 cabinets at its Bedford Heights warehouse, Choice Cabinet can usually deliver your new cabinets within days, instead of weeks, Jessica promises.

High quality and quick availability at affordable prices is Choice Cabinet’s secret sauce.

“No other cabinet maker can claim to be Cleveland’s own,” says Tony Laurinaitis, Jessica’s dad, and the founder of the company. “High quality and quick availability at affordable prices is Choice Cabinet’s secret sauce. That’s why our durable, solid-built cabinets are shipped throughout the Eastern U.S. and Canada.”

When Tony started the company, it was one of the first to develop all-wood cabinets with high-end custom features at prices that give the big box stores a run for their money, he recalls.

“The major manufacturers are selling particleboard cabinets but will offer an upgrade to wood at an additional charge of up to 20 percent,” he emphasizes. “Our cabinets are made from the thickest wood in the industry at a low price point. They have all the features you would expect from a premier line of cabinets. They are made to last a lifetime. And they are gorgeous.”

Choice Cabinet is a major supplier of cabinets for North America. Their cabinets are designed, developed and assembled locally, right here in Cleveland.

Your kitchen renovation might start at the Choice Cabinet showroom, where you can take advantage of complimentary design services.

“Kitchen design is another area where Choice Cabinet stands out from other cabinet makers,” Tony says. “What you get when you come to our showroom is designing services that you would normally expect to get at a customized cabinet shop where you would spend two to three times more. We have the ability to modify our cabinets, which allows us to achieve customized design with stock pieces to create spectacular kitchens.”

Designers Claudine DiSanto, Tina Figueroa and Nick Villani share a passion for creating gorgeous and functional kitchens.

“I am 100 percent Italian, so I grew up in a kitchen full of people,” Claudine says. “One thing I’ve known all my life is that a kitchen has to be functional. It can’t simply look good. There has to be a rhyme and reason for everything, or it just doesn’t work.”

Using designing software that incorporates the full Choice Cabinet catalog, Choice Cabinet designers can illustrate exactly what your new kitchen will look like–before it’s installed.

Your kitchen renovation might start at the Choice Cabinet showroom, where you can take advantage of complimentary design services.

The showroom, which opened last fall, displays a variety of kitchen vignettes that feature the latest trends and styles.

“We offer a selection of white door styles because of their popularity and high demand,” Jessica says. “White styles are our top sellers, followed by grays. An interesting thing that many people are doing is accenting white cabinets on the perimeter with a gray island.”

Walk-ins for design services are welcome, but appointments are strongly suggested, Jessica says.

“An appointment ensures that time will be reserved for you, which means you won’t have to wait in line and you’ll have plenty of time to work with a designer,” she says.

Choice Cabinet offers two lines of products. Its Select line, Tony says, includes top-quality cabinets that make welcome additions to many high-end homes. The Essentials line of cabinetry is ideal for apartments, rental homes and homes that are being flipped.

“Don’t be fooled by our affordability,” Tony cautions. “All of our cabinets are rugged. When we say they are well-built, solid and strong, we want to be able to prove it.”

That’s why cabinets at Choice Cabinet are tested for durability at an independent lab in Virginia.

“They basically try to destroy them,” Tony insists. “They are subjected to intense torture.”

Heavy weight is placed on the drawers, which are then tested to make sure the glides still work. They hang weights on the doors and open and close them 10,000 times to see if the hinges come loose.

The result?

“Our cabinets pass those tests every time, and we’ve been doing this for more than 10 years,” Tony proudly reports. “It gives us the confidence that allows us to offer our limited lifetime warranty.”

You can start your kitchen project with a visit to the Choice Cabinet showroom, located at 4856 Richmond Road, in Warrensville Heights. The showroom is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Schedule an appointment by calling 216-378-2834. Find more information by visiting

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