Sandra Jenkins and the staff at Dog Gone Crazy are wild about offering top-tier pet grooming, at your convenience

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Tiffany Charek (left) and Amber Murphy are the professional groomers on staff at Dog Gone Crazy, where pups can participate in doggie daycare after a grooming at no extra charge. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

Sandra Jenkins’ Dog Gone Crazy is widely known as an affordably-priced, go-to place for people who need to board their precious pooch (or kitty) but want a customized experience. Offering an elevated level of service is what’s set her apart from other places since she opened nine years ago.

In addition to individual kennels with access to the great outdoors, outdoor playtime or a vigorous walk on the trail that meanders through her six and a half-acre property, Sandra and her team also offer on-site grooming—with a bonus.

“Our grooming clients get a free day of care included in every visit,” she says. “If you drop your dog off in the morning and can’t pick it up until after work, it gets to play the day away here at no extra charge.”

Dog Gone Crazy’s grooming clients get a free day of care included in every visit.

That level of convenience alone is enough to draw pet parents from across the area, but the skill set of the top-tier grooming team is the real appeal.

Tiffany Charek
Tiffany has been grooming dogs for the last four years, two of them at Dog Gone Crazy. “I love to make dogs feel better,” she says. “You can see their confidence change once they’ve had a bath and their nails clipped, or they’ve gotten a haircut.”

But not every dog runs through the door thrilled to hit the tub. “I’m really patient, so dogs that are more stressed out can relax on their timetable,” she notes. “We don’t rush them.”

Tiffany says she’s an expert at creating certain clipping styles, like leg shaping.

“I grew up around all kinds of animals,” says the girl who currently lives with two family pit bulls, Rezzy and Ellie. “I love my pities, but I adore grooming doodles. They are so much fun.”

Tiffany says some dogs come for a stay at Dog Gone Crazy and their owners opt to include grooming as a convenience. Otherwise, she recommends grooming every six to eight weeks, depending on the breed and how much grooming is happening at home.

Amber Murphy
Amber has been in the grooming biz since 2013, and she’s also a fan of the doodle. “They really are my favorite breed,” she says.

Amber says she’s an efficient clipper, but she doesn’t rush the process. “Older dogs require more time and patience and I love that,” she notes.

Giving dogs a break during grooming is important to keeping the process as stress free as possible. “Most dogs will come to love grooming over time,” she says. “Until then, it’s important to make them feel calm and relaxed. We take baby steps to make sure every dog is at peace here.”

Amber has her own labradoodle, Abby, and a recently-rescued pit bull named Stella.

“Every dog can benefit from a clean coat,” she suggests. “Some breeds require hypoallergenic shampoo while others might require a deep conditioning. We have all the latest products here to bring out each dog’s best.”

Crazy About Boarding
Boarding at Dog Gone Crazy starts at a modest $26.50, with police, fire and military personnel enjoying a 20 percent discount. Everything is included in your pet’s stay and there are no additional costs for food or potty times. There are 84 individual kennels, four family suites and nine cat condos. Every pet gets a treat at bedtime.

If you pick your pet up before noon on the last day of its stay, you won’t be charged for that day.

“Our customers always come back,” Sandra says. “Part of the reason I started in this business is I wanted people to have a quality place to leave their pets. I know how hard that is to come by. When a dog jumps out of the car and runs inside to greet us, we know we’re doing something right.”

Dog Gone Crazy is located at 4070 Foskett Road, in Medina. The phone number is 330-273-1777. Office hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Visit the website at and find them on Facebook at the same name. Discounts are available for seniors, military personnel and service personnel.