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You don’t have to suffer with foot pain

Dr. Danielle Shaper, founder of Finesse Footcare in Lyndhurst, has devoted much of her career to exploring emerging technologies to treat foot and ankle conditions in a minimally invasive manner. “I always try to follow the most conservative path of care first, and there have been numerous advancements,” she says. “But if conditions...

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Prepare for spring home selling

September and October are banner months in Northeast Ohio. The weather is still gorgeous, perfect for long walks and leaf-peeping. Now is also the ideal time to begin getting your home ready to sell in the spring. The more projects you finish in advance, the easier it will be when it comes time to put that sign in your yard. With the...

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Protecting your kids

With the start of the school year comes carpools, drop-off lines and after-care pick-ups. Many busy working moms and dads depend on their parents to help with these tasks. And while your own parents might be the most trusted options for you, if something goes wrong, what are the legal ramifications? Attorney Margaret T. Karl offers some...

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Demystifying Medicare

As you approach your 65th birthday, you may have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of mail you’re getting—and the number of phone calls. That’s because people can select their Medicare plan before they turn 65. But choosing a Medicare plan may not be as simple as checking off a box. Do you go with Part A, Part B, Part C,...

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