Service that’s above, below and beyond at Knollwood Cemetery

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Knollwood Cemetery employs family services personnel to assist day to day. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Olivia Bloom

Over the years, the staff at Knollwood Cemetery has experienced many sad and challenging events. But there have also been those that have caused a chuckle or two.

Here’s a story that highlights the compassion and sincerity of the staff and its concern for patrons of the cemetery.

On a sunny afternoon in June, assistant groundskeeper Seth Thomas noted an elderly lady wandering around one of the larger sections of the cemetery looking for a grave.

She was in tears and needed help. Seth drove up to her and asked if he could be of assistance.

She told him that surely the cemetery had moved her husband’s grave from its original location, because she could no longer find his marker or the beautiful small maple tree that had been planted in his honor.

Seth assured her that the cemetery had not moved her husband.

Contacting the office, he asked one of the family services people to check the computer. Records quickly revealed the problem and the family services person printed a map and drove out to where the lady and Seth were waiting.

She explained they were in a different section than the one where her husband was buried. When they found the grave, the lady asked about the maple tree.

Knollwood’s family services person asked when she had last visited her husband’s grave, and she replied, “I haven’t been here for years, but I was sure of his location because of the lovely little maple tree.” She had overlooked the fact that the “little” maple tree was now more than 40 feet tall.

Knollwood Cemetery is located at 1678 SOM Center Road, in Mayfield Heights. Call 440-442-2800 or visit for details.