She is Dog Gone Crazy...about caring for your pets

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Sandra Jenkins, owner of Dog Gone Crazy, Inc., and Mister Myles Jenkins, her rescue dog, are shown here at her FunHouse. Rates start at just $25 per night. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

People look for different things when they’re thinking of boarding their pet. Some appreciate cleanliness while others place an importance on affordability. And safety, without question, is at the top of everyone’s list.

Dog Gone Crazy, Inc. a canine and feline FunHouse in Medina, understands the importance of everything mentioned above—and more.

“Like choosing a babysitter for your kids, you should consider who will be watching your pet while you’re away,” says owner Sandra Jenkins.

“We take our services a step further than other kennels by employing a Registered Veterinary Technician.”

A Big Difference
Sandra says it makes a big difference to have a registered vet tech on staff.

“Not many places in the area offer that,” she says.

“Our pet parents love it because they know the safety of the animals is our chief concern. If a dog or cat exhibits behavior that seems a little off, or they somehow injure themselves, we’ve got a staff member who can triage the pet patient to determine if veterinary care is necessary or not. It’s just another layer of quality we can offer.”

Take a Tour
“Most of our clients care deeply about their animals,” Sandra says. “We welcome pet owners to visit us for a tour seven days a week, any time between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. No appointment is necessary.”

While you’re there, you’ll notice the smell—or the absence of one.

Sandra and her team sanitize all areas of Dog Gone Crazy two times each day, so in addition to the safety of having a vet tech on staff, your pet also enjoys the safety of boarding in a clean environment.

Sandra is an on-site owner, and there is a person at Dog Gone Crazy 24/7.

What it Costs
Boarding at Dog Gone Crazy is a modest $25 per night, with police, fire and military personnel enjoying a 20 percent discount. Everything is included in your pet’s stay and there are no additional fees for food or potty time. There are 84 individual kennels, four family suites and nine cat condos. Every pet gets a treat at bedtime.

If you pick your pet up before noon on the last day of its stay, you won’t be charged for that day.

Meet Elvina
Elvina Brahaxhia (pronounced Bra-ha-gia) started working with Dog Gone Crazy in May 2016 and has been a Registered Veterinary Technician for just over a year. She has no intentions of leaving the business operated by Sandra, she insists. In fact, she drives from Avon to Medina every day because she loves the environment so much.

“I’m passionate about animals and I know that Sandra is, too,” Elvina says.

“I really like the atmosphere here because it’s all about the pets. I might not use my skills as a vet tech every minute of the day, but the time I’m spending here is spent caring for pets and I love it.”

Elvina and Sandra both say that her skills do come in handy when there’s a dog or cat requiring insulin or some other injectable medication.

“Some places won’t take a dog with diabetes because of the insulin injection,” Elvina notes. “Here, that’s not an issue at all.”

Elvina’s education included participating in a two-year registered veterinary technician program at a local college. It was intense, demanding and covered every type of animal and pet. She graduated with an associate’s degree in applied sciences.

Sandra stresses that space fills up quickly around the holidays at Dog Gone Crazy, so it’s best to make your pet’s reservation early.

Dog Gone Crazy, Inc. is located at 4070 Foskett Road, in Medina. The phone number is 330-273-1777. Office hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Visit the website at and find them on Facebook at the same name. Discounts are available for seniors, military personnel and service personnel.