Should you sell your home now?

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Amy Hoes’ homes typically sell within 36 days. She also garners more money for her clients at the time of sale than other agents. In 2019, her average home sale price was $263,029, compared to the Medina County average of $236,279. Amy (center) is standing next to her newest team member agent Heather Kelps. Seated L-R: Mary Martin (unlicensed), and veteran agents Ellen Chaney, Nicole Schmalz and Cathy Dress. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

It takes teamwork to make the dream work. Since getting her start in the business 13 years ago, Howard Hanna real estate agent Amy Hoes has surrounded herself with a dream team of agents who have helped her become one of the most recognized names in Medina.

Amy’s husband Kurt monitors her numbers and reports that so far 2020 has been a banner year.

She’s consistent with her past history of performing better than the averages of other Medina real estate agents.

For instance, in 2019, a house for sale in Medina County stayed on the market an average of 54 days. Amy’s average listing sold within 36 days. She also garnered more money for her clients at the time of sale than other agents. Her average home sale price was $263,029, compared to the Medina County average of $236,279.

“I believe a big part of my performance is my approach to negotiating deals,” she says. “I will not stop until my client is getting the absolute best offer I can get them. With such a competitive market, things have become cut-throat, and that doesn’t bother me.”

Meet the Team
This month, Heather Kelps and Mary Martin join the Amy Hoes Team, which includes industry veterans Nicole Schmalz, Ellen Chaney and Cathy Dress.

Amy characterizes this team as streamlined and attentive.

“We keep communication clear and simple, with one point of contact for a more stress-free experience,” she says. “Customer service is the engine that drives us, and we keep things professional and highly personalized.”

“What I love about this team is that we are hyper-local and family-centric,” says Amy. “People know us as more than real estate agents. We are moms and wives, super involved in the schools and the community. All of us live in Medina County.”

Amy and Kurt have always been charitable supporters of Medina’s schools and sports teams. Although their daughter, Atalie, has graduated from Medina HS and is now a student at Bowling Green University, son Bryan is an MHS freshman.

Should You Sell Now?
It’s a misconception that fall signals a slowing real estate market.

In fact, Amy Hoes and her team are busier than ever.

“Buyers are ready to pounce as soon as a home comes on the market, since there are so few homes for sale,” she says. “We’ve adjusted well to Covid-19 restrictions, and buyers are accustomed to enjoying virtual open houses. But, to be honest, the market is so hot right now, in most cases the house sells before we have time to produce one with a 3-D camera or FAA-authorized drone photography.”

She mentions it’s not uncommon for people to buy a home without even stepping foot in it.

“One of the trends we’ve seen that I’d attribute to Covid, is that since more people are telecommuting instead of going into the office, they are moving to Medina to take advantage of our exceptional home values,” she says. Whereas the amount of home sales this year is slightly down, five percent, the average sales price are actually up seven percent.

If you’re curious what your home is worth, Amy suggests clicking the home value calculator link on her site to find out. Although she can give a more accurate picture with a quick tour of your home, the link can estimate a ballpark figure.

Howard Hanna Amy Hoes’ office is located at 3565 Medina Road, in Medina. You can call or text Amy directly at 330-416-1597, email, or visit to find out more. Just give Amy a call and she’ll pop over to discuss your home’s potential and give you a free market analysis.