Skip the primary care doctor or surgeon and go directly to a physical therapist

Myo Fit October
Since MyoFit is a private physical therapy practice, our therapists can take as long as they want, without the constraints of big healthcare.

By Dr. Adam Cramer, PT, DPT; MyoFit Clinic

If you’re suffering from chronic aches and pains, prolonged stiffness or weakness, lack of functionality or acute pain due an injury, there’s no need to wait to get the help you need. You can go directly to a physical therapist first without having to see a primary care physician or surgeon.

“Over the past 10 years, the direct access laws in Ohio have changed and people can come to us for help first, which saves time and money,” says Adam Miller, PT, DPT, from MyoFit physical therapy clinics. “In essence, now people can cut out the middleman and see a provider who will physically help them.”

The sooner you address physical issues, he says, the better the outcomes. In most cases, patients can be scheduled for an initial consultation within 24 hours.

Another reason MyoFit is an ideal first line of care? Since our therapists here have received their doctorate of physical therapy, we are well-trained to detect conditions and complications that might need to be referred to other doctors for imaging or a different level of care.

Dr. Miller says they evaluate patients thoroughly during the one-on-one hour-long exam, during which the majority of patients will require an X-ray or MRI, “X-ray and MRI imaging is not necessary for majority of injuries/pain symptoms as this type of practice performed by physicians can lead to unnecessary treatment, surgeries and inflate healthcare costs,” says Dr. Miller.

Patients often say they are surprised by how much time our therapists spend with them. Since MyoFit is a private physical therapy practice, therapists can take as long as they want, without the constraints of big healthcare.

Dr. Miller explains how we work with patients in a collaborative partnership with mutual goals, going to the root of the problem, correcting it, and teaching people to manage it going forward.

In addition to the musculoskeletal system, Dr. Miller reports that we treat patients for things like dizziness or weakness, and neurological conditions such a Parkinson’s disease, strokes and multiple sclerosis.

“Often our patients tell us they wonder why they waited so long to come in,” he says. “There are very few situations we cannot make better.”

Dr. Adam Miller is a licensed doctor of physical therapy and lead physical therapist for the MyoFit Clinics, located in Ashtabula, Chardon and Middlefield. Physical therapy is covered by most insurances, and the billing staff will work with patients to let them know how much they would owe in advance of care. Telehealth e-visits are also available. Visit to find out more. The Chardon Clinic phone number is 440-286-1007.