SouthWest Commons Assisted Living offers residents independence, privacy, dignity and choice, right here in Strongsville

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Founded in 1995 by co-owners Scott Allen and Timothy Coughlin, LifeServices—the parent company of SouthWest Commons—provides quality, resident-directed services to over 500 seniors who live in their own private apartment homes within nine different communities in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mimi Vanderhaven

LifeServices Assisted Living communities provide seniors with a safe, independent lifestyle where all of their needs are met while ensuring privacy and choice in their daily routines. LifeServices is a privately owned company that directly operates nine assisted living communities throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, including SouthWest Commons Assisted Living, right here in Strongsville.

Founded in 1995 by co-owners Scott Allen and Timothy Coughlin, LifeServices communities provide quality, resident-directed services to over 500 seniors who live in their own private apartment homes within their nine different communities. Together, Tim and Scott lead and manage all LifeServices communities on a daily basis.

“Making the decision to transition to assisted living is not an easy one for the individual or for the family,” says Community Director and RN Katie Delligatti, at SouthWest Commons.

“Leaving one’s home is a life-changing event, but it doesn’t have to be lifestyle changing.”

SouthWest Commons staff members are dedicated to offering the highest quality of life, allowing each resident to maintain their independence, privacy, dignity and choice. In fact, these are the four principles around which SouthWest Commons and LifeServices’ other communities have built their unique approach to assisted living.

For over 13 years here in Strongsville, SouthWest Commons has listened to residents and their families in an effort to understand and respond to their needs for service and care.

“We understand that all of us want to stay in our own homes,” Katie says. “That is always the ultimate goal as the population ages. However, remaining at home can be increasingly difficult for a loved one and can often put an unnecessary strain on a spouse or extended family members.”

Home is not always the best option. That’s where SouthWest Commons comes in.

“Before someone transitions to SouthWest Commons, we help evaluate the potential resident’s needs by working closely with the individual and their family, starting with determining their readiness for assisted living,” explains Katie.

So, when is the right time to consider assisted living?

SouthWest Commons offers guidance to potential families to help everyone reach a decision together regarding when the time is right for assisted living. The staff helps families get realistic insight into a family member’s ability to meet their own needs at home. Issues like the family strain of caregiving, social isolation and specialized care for memory issues and dementia are all addressed by the caring SouthWest Commons staff.

All LifeServices communities are well equipped to address dementia and memory care and allow residents dealing with these issues to live as independently as possible—in their own apartment homes—but safely with continual supervision and additional help and attention as needed.

“All residents receive a customized care plan that allows them not to just live here, but also thrive here,” Katie assures.

For more information about SouthWest Commons Assisted Living, please continue reading this four-page feature. The community is located at 18090 Pearl Road in Strongsville. To speak with a staff member or to schedule a tour, call 440-238-3777, check the website, or find them on Facebook.

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