Thanks to a dramatic makeover by the talented team at NEFD, the wow factor in this kitchen is a perfect 10

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(After pic): The NEFD design team removed walls and reconfigured the layout of the kitchen to expand the space and give it a glamorous new look

By Beth Newcomb

A Makeover Story
Like a misguided contestant on a reality TV show, some kitchens need the help of a professional. They’re out of fashion, up in years, and maybe even a little bit…ugly.

But when a top makeover team like the kitchen design professionals at Northeast Factory Direct swoops in for a revamp, you can be certain the reaction from family and friends will be the big reveal’s signature hands-on-the-face, open-mouthed shock, awe and delight.

Check out the dramatic before-and-after photos accompanying this story and you’ll see what I mean. While you’re busy thinking you can’t afford a gut and remodel of the most important room in the house, NEFD’s design team is cranking out sweet designs for the kitchens of other people’s dreams—and they start at just $1,899.

(Before pic): This home was constructed in another era and the kitchen definitely told that story

That’s the price for a basic “L”, says Angelo Lardomita, lead kitchen designer at NEFD and one of the people responsible for helping to pair homeowners who want the glamorous look of a fabulous kitchen makeover on a budget.

“Everyone wants to save money,” says Angelo. “Even the people who can afford a five-figure kitchen want to save. And along with saving, they still want a quality product highlighted in a quality design, installed by quality people. We also pack a lot of wow factor into every project.”

“There’s no reason why a quality design, a quality product and saving money can’t go hand-in-hand. Here, they do,” Angelo adds. “We offer over 40 different door and stain styles, and a number of different cabinetry configurations, they feature solid wood construction, dovetail doors and drawers and better hardware components. They are fully constructed and ready to hang, and they come in maple, cherry, birch, oak and hickory woods.”

NEFD’s secret sauce is its ability to purchase high-quality cabinets by the truckload. “Bulk purchasing coupled with low overhead means we can pass along tremendous savings to our customers,” Angelo states.

Free Stuff!
The complete design, 3-D elevations and in-home measurements are just a few of the freebies you’ll get when you shop NEFD for solid wood cabinets with raised or recessed door panels, and 75 different door/drawer styles and color combinations from which to choose. Here are the rest:

  • Door knobs and drawer pulls – free
  • Design service – free
  • Design to take with you without a commitment – free
  • Upgrade to all-wood construction, solid maple dovetail drawers, steel under mount full-extension guides, soft-close doors and drawers, and paint, stain and finish options of your choosing – free.

The explosive growth of NEFD’s cabinet department means that customers from across Northeast Ohio and beyond regularly clamor for time with each store’s top-level designers. To secure uninterrupted time, scheduling an appointment is best. “The kitchen photos accompanying this story show just one example of what we’re capable of,” Angelo says. “But we can also put a snappy spin on a smaller space. No matter what kind of room we have to work with, the bottom line is we’ll save you money.”

Northeast Factory Direct has three locations: 3321 W. 140th Street in Cleveland, 216-941-7727, 24470 Lakeland Blvd., in Euclid, 440-942-7945, and 9009 Freeway Drive in Macedonia, 330-436-3960. Hours for all locations can be found on the website. To sit down with a kitchen designer, an appointment is recommended. Get directions from anywhere when you visit