The future of medicine has arrived in stem cell therapy

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The Stem Cell Lift offered exclusively at Nightingale Stem Cell, is a game-changer. Just one 45-minute treatment can reverse years of sun damage, acne scars and wrinkles. The effect can last for years.

By Olivia Bloom

By now, you’ve probably heard of stem cell therapy for joint pain and arthritis. But did you know it can also be used to heal scars and reduce the signs of aging? Did you know it can reduce or eliminate stretch marks or the scars from acne or trauma? Have you seen the latest “spray-on” stem cell therapy being used to help burn patients heal severe burns within days without skin grafting? There’s a revolution happening in healthcare, and it involves our own bodies healing themselves, says Dr. Matthew Evenhouse, of Nightingale Stem Cell clinic.

“If you could reverse years of sun damage and wrinkles in just 45 minutes, with results that rival plastic surgery without any downtime, would you do it?” asks Dr. Evenhouse. “If there was a chance to avoid a joint replacement surgery and return to the activities you love, would you do it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.”

The team at Nightingale Stem Cell provides solutions to people looking to improve their lives without surgery or drugs. Many people have experienced excellent results from a single treatment.

“Stem cell therapy appeals to people looking to go beyond the traditional surgical and pharmacologic approach,” Dr. Evenhouse says. “Most of our clients are forward thinking. They’re the early adopters. They come to us already having done a great deal of research and want to get to know us as people. Our clients want to heal their bodies rather than modify them, and they want to work with the best to help them achieve their goals.”

Nightingale Stem Cell provides free consultations for people considering the stem cell option. The doctors take the time to answer questions and help their clients understand the technology. “There’s no hard sell here. We share our experience and let people make up their own minds. We want people to understand the great advantages and current limits of stem cell therapy,” says Dr. Evenhouse, Nightingale’s Medical Director.

“We’re here to help them make the most informed decision about their bodies,” adds Dr. Christopher Manacci, owner of the practice.

“Stem cell therapy is a medical procedure that triggers a healing process,” Dr. Manacci explains. “A short office visit is all it takes to get things started. People go on with their lives while their body heals itself. It’s not like surgery or taking a pill. Your body does all the work.”

People who use stem cell products to heal musculoskeletal conditions undergo a simple treatment that starts the healing process. A simple injection begins the process and they can go about their lives, often without the need for drugs, downtime, rehabilitation or surgery. Pain decreases relatively quickly, and the full healing effect can be seen over the next several months. Many people have returned to the activities they love while delaying or eliminating the need for surgery.

The positive effects of stem cell therapy on skin can be seen much faster. Imagine being able to watch your face return to a younger version of yourself without surgery. “Our facial regeneration procedure is quite remarkable. The skin begins to heal immediately, with impressive results obvious within just a few days. It also works on stretch marks and acne scars,” says Dr. Manacci.

Nightingale Stem Cell’s Facial Regeneration treatment triggers the body to regenerate the natural skin structures. “It’s a very fascinating process. Wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, jowls, scars and blemishes are replaced with younger-looking, healthy, glowing skin. The healing starts immediately and we see ongoing improvements out beyond six months,” Dr. Evenhouse inserts. “And since you are restoring your skin to its youthful structure, the results often last for years.”

The Stem Cell Lift procedure includes treating the skin of the neck to enhance your look regardless of what shirt you wear. Nightingale’s Stem Cell Lift triggers the regeneration of collagen and elastin, as well as the blood supply necessary to create that healthy glow.

Nightingale Stem Cell’s Facial Regeneration, or “Stem Cell Lift,” involves the placement of small doses of stem cell product at a very precise depth in the upper layers of the skin. This focuses the potent effect of the product on the very layers that degrade with age. It works the same with acne scars and stretch marks. The whole procedure is complete within 45 minutes and the healing begins immediately.

And unlike micro needling or chemical peels, Nightingale’s Stem Cell Lift procedure doesn’t damage the upper layers of the skin. There’s no peeling, flaking or fillers. “The Stem Cell Lift leaves you looking more and more like a younger version of yourself,” Dr. Evenhouse says. “We’ve seen tremendous benefit with the procedure. People can come in, get a single treatment, and start looking younger the next day.”

If you are ready to improve the way you look and feel, call Nightingale Stem Cell at 844-764-4633 for a free consultation. Nightingale Stem Cell is located within the Gemini Building at 1991 Crocker Road, Suite 500, in Westlake. Hours are Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The website is