The gift of living pain free

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If being active and free from pain is on your holiday wish list, consider stem cell treatment.

By Dr. Matt Evenhouse, Nightingale Centers for Regenerative Medicine

If you participate in the season of giving, the time for thinking of others and what they want and need is right around the corner. But I’d like to suggest you also think about what you want and need.

Are you free from pain? Do you have the mobility you once enjoyed? Are you able to immerse yourself fully in the activities you love?

At Nightingale Centers for Regenerative Medicine, we offer people the freedom to choose not only how they enjoy the holidays, but also how they enjoy every day of their lives. If being active and free from pain is on your wish list, consider stem cell treatment.

Stem cell treatment, in conjunction with other therapies, permanently alleviates pain and helps patients avoid surgery. We get them very quickly to a point of freedom from pain that nobody else has been able to accomplish.

One patient, who recently completed treatment, was able to return to her job as a nurse without pain—just two weeks after she had stem cell therapy. Before, she struggled to tie her shoes.

Another man shows X-ray evidence of new cartilage in his knee, just three months after treatment.

Unlike some medical practices, our goal is to never have to see a patient again because he or she is too busy being active and loving life. We are not a pain management clinic. We’re a mobility clinic, and mobility is the key to health.

Our stem cell treatment is incorporated into a regimen that can include dry needling to release muscles and allow them to function properly again, and neurostimulation, which trains the body to control pain naturally. To give yourself the gift of mobility and freedom from pain, call for a free consultation.

Nightingale Centers for Regenerative Medicine is located within the Gemini Building at 1991 Crocker Road, Suite 500, in Westlake. Hours are Monday-Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Traditional Medicare plans cover neurostimulation therapy. Call 844-764-4633 or visit