The greatest casualty is being forgotten

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Knollwood Cemetery offers headstone and marker options.

By Olivia Bloom

Knollwood Cemetery permits upright headstones/monuments as a family’s way to remember deceased loved ones. In some areas of Knollwood, besides granite headstones, certain sections allow only flat markers (bronze) to be used to preserve the natural appearance of the landscape. Granite headstones can be created quickly and easily in many sizes, shapes and colors.

During the pre-need family meetings with the family services personnel, they can design or create most types of monuments and headstones. Families can see what their marker will look like and how the granite will be engraved.

Flat or flush markers of bronze also can be selected or designed at the time of need.

Birth and death are among the most significant events for everyone. Upon the passage of a loved one, a proper memorial that represents the times from birth to death will be a forever reminder of how the deceased lived. A memorial helps family and friends to remember the deceased and visit them at will.

Aboveground burials are a bit different. At Knollwood, at the large mausoleum and garden crypts featured by the new Building M, loved ones can be memorialized in similar fashion to a ground burial but not with headstones. Unique and affordable carvings of crypt plates allow families to memorialize loved ones in a personal and meaningful way.

We all deserve to be remembered regardless of how we choose to be buried. Memorials are an essential method to preserve the memories of all lives lived. Come visit Knollwood and observe the beautiful setting of well-designed and well-placed markers. Also visit the aboveground mausoleum and garden crypts.

Knollwood Cemetery is located at 1678 SOM Center Road, in Mayfield Heights. Call 440-442-2800 or visit for details.

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