The joy of wellness is yours for the taking at Vivify Wellness at Avenues

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Vivify Wellness at Avenues offers a restorative salt room that features a glowing wall of salt blocks from Pakistan and a state-of-the-art halo-generator that wafts pure pulverized salt into the room.

By Patricia Nugent

Vivify (v) To make more lively or vivid; to animate. To endow with life or renewed life.

As a clinician and counselor for 20 years, Lisa Borchert decided to fill a niche of helping people make the connection between physical, mental and emotional balance to achieve a well-rounded and more vibrant life.

Along with a host of other seasoned clinicians providing targeted and cutting-edge wellness services, she opened the doors to Vivify Wellness at Avenues in Bath’s Ghent Square late last fall.

“Our integrated holistic services provide a powerful boost to help people get back to themselves,” says Lisa.

“Treatments can stand alone or work together to enhance harmony between mind and body, as well as relaxation and detoxification.”

Lisa M. Borchert-Hrivnak, MAEd, LPCC, Owner, Certified NeurOptimal® trainer

Punctuated by warm reclaimed woods, a sliding barn door to separate the lobby and treatment rooms and rustic fixtures with Edison bulbs, the welcoming décor beckons you to stop in and stay awhile.

Finding your Zen 101
Wellness services at Vivify include massage therapy, infrared sauna, Reiki, salt room sessions, yoga in the salt room, clinical nutritional counseling, Urban Zen Integrative Therapy and NeurOptimal brain training.

You can opt for a single service, or dabble in one of the 17 packages available, from Unload Your Allergies to Decompress to the Full Wellness Experience.

“One of our unique treatments—NeurOptimal—is a dynamic neurofeedback system that’s like brain training,” says Lisa, who oversees the sessions along with Kristine Davis, LPCC.

“Clients wear sensors on their scalp and ear lobes that pick up information in real time and allow the brain to reorganize itself. Afterward, people report feeling more clear-headed and focused.”

Benefits of Salt Sessions
As a primary means of detoxification and relaxation, Lisa and her crew built a restorative salt room. Featuring a glowing wall of salt blocks from Pakistan, a state-of-the-art halo-generator wafts pure pulverized salt into the room, which can serve up to six people per session.

“Research shows this therapy removes toxicity from the respiratory system, improves skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and also boosts the immune system,” says Lisa.

People can select to listen to beachy music, do a calming body scan, or follow guided meditation to customize their journey.

The ladies thought the room would be an ideal venue for private and semi-private yoga, and they’ve already been a big hit.

Also taking place in this ultra-soothing space is Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT), which incorporates three healing modalities: yoga therapy, essential oil therapy and Reiki.

“We’re thrilled to be the first to bring this to Akron,”says Lisa. “Led by certified instructor Kelly Allen, this program was launched in 2009 by fashion pioneer Donna Karan as a means of helping her cancer-ridden husband.”

Are You What You Eat?
The answer is, yes, and Vivify’s Dr. Stacy Cantlin can help you find a path toward eating yourself back to health and optimum wellness through a consultation and follow-up sessions.

Stacy Cantlin, PhD Clinical Nutrition

Each month, the wellness spa offers an educational seminar by Dr. Cantlin called, What’s on Your Plate: Do you Know What you Don’t Know? This month’s topic is Wheat: Is gluten really the problem? It takes place Thursday, March 21, and Saturday, March 23.

Starting next month, look for Mimi Magazine to feature a monthly Ask the Expert column exploring these wellness initiatives more in-depth.

Vivify Wellness at Avenues is located within Ghent Square at 843 North Cleveland-Massillon Road in Fairlawn. Although reservations for services is online, they accept walk-ins, too. Call 330-576-4144, or visit for more information and to sign up for their e-newsletter.