The Maids insists on premium customer service

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The Maids is known for its 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System, something that sets it apart from the other guys. And customer service from a live, caring person comes standard.

By Bill Yurgen

These flat, rectangular objects that we have become psychologically tethered to have changed the way we do things in virtually every aspect of our lives. We interact with them an average of 150 times a day.

And, more people are doing commerce on their phone without ever speaking to someone working for the business they are contracting.

That’s fine if you want to buy a well-reviewed book or reorder laundry detergent, although I can’t quite figure out why all the extra packaging and freight expenses are necessary especially when places where you can buy both and more are minutes away for most people.

For other things, like restaurant reservations, why make them online where you get whatever some algorithm decides?

If I’m going to dine someplace special enough that reservations are necessary, I certainly want it to be a great experience— so I call. That way, I can specify the table at my favorite restaurant and specify my preferred server. And, of course, to make certain I get patio seating on a nice summer day.

The Maids takes a similar approach in order to achieve its extremely high customer satisfaction numbers. Besides rave reviews on social media, internal surveys find a whopping 96 percent of its customers would recommend The Maids to a friend or relative.

Mike Manhoff, who owns The Maids franchise in our area, explained why he bucks the trends— so he can take better care of his customers:

“A lot of people in our industry are adopting apps as their frontline interface with clientele. Many would insist that’s the most efficient way to book a cleaning. And, it probably is, if you are just doing the basics.”

“Just doing the basics is the opposite of the way we do business here at The Maids,” he added.

“The way we clean is anything but basic. We’re famous for our 22- Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System that goes well beyond anything many typical cleaning companies offer. They want their people in and out so they can do the most cleanings in a day. At times they overbook and the clean the customer gets is hurried. Overbooking is also the most frequent reason homes get missed on their scheduled cleaning day. We don’t do that.”

“Our way of cleaning is labor intensive,” Mike said.

“That’s why we utilize teams. Teams allow us to do more, more efficiently, so we spend a minimum amount of time in a customer’s home while maximizing the areas we clean. The 22-Step System is just a beginning point for us. That’s why we don’t use apps.”

A Caring, Knowledgeable Staff
“We have built a highly skilled office staff that expertly coordinates our customers’ needs,” Mike explained.

“Every house is different, every customer is different, and the cleaning needs vary frequently. Apps and algorithms don’t cover requests like ‘Never use this cleaner on that floor,’ or ‘Get Stacie’s room this week. She’s home from school,’ or ‘Half of our family has been sick this week. We need an extra deep clean to help prevent the other half of the family from falling ill.’”

Mike went on to explain how often clients need to move their scheduled cleans:

“We develop deep friendships with many of our customers and we do everything possible to accommodate their ever-changing needs. If a good customer calls and we need to work a clean in for them today, we do it the old school way and do everything in our power to meet their needs.”

If you would like a no-charge, no-obligation estimate or you’d like to schedule a clean, call 440-735-6243 or 330-220-0098. To learn more about The Maids’ famous 22- Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System, visit