The Moscarino Outdoor Creations backyard value proposition

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By using a consultative approach and employing sophisticated design techniques, this award-winning area landscaper exceeds customer expectations with more “WOW” for the money.

By Bill Yurgen

What exactly is “hardscaping?”

Hardscaping is every bit as critical to a successful landscape as plants are. Hardscapes are the patios, decks, pools and other outdoor architectural elements that provide structure to the landscape designer’s canvas. These elements are the first to be installed and are followed by border beds of plants that are the “jewelry” that influences the final design.

Shall it be diamonds or pearls with that little black dress?

Today, the vast array of plant varieties available (even here in Northeast Ohio) dwarfs the few that were available back in the day. Landscaping has evolved from merely dressing up the front of your home—what we today call “adding curb appeal”—to a cohesive plan that covers most of the yard, strategically dividing it into outdoor “rooms.”


These landscape areas may include a dining area, a kitchen of some kind, an activity area, an entertainment area, or an outdoor study that provides a peaceful atmosphere to escape and enjoy a good book. You may even desire an outdoor “bedroom” that maximizes outdoor ambiance on gentle nights while holding the insects at bay.

Why Landscaping is so Important for Today’s Families
These outdoor “rooms” are not a part of your house. However, they rapidly become an important part of your home.

Landscaping increases a home’s value and when it is time to sell, an attractive, well-landscaped property will be among the most rapidly sold. Aside from the monetary benefits of your investment, landscapes and outdoor rooms are an emotional part of your family history. This is where our lives take place for a big portion of the year. These are the rooms where marriage proposals are offered, old friends come to reunite, and childhood memories are created. Again and again in these precious spaces, family dinners are served, teens party safely under the watchful eye of mom and dad and old loves are rekindled.

So, how can you create such a romantic atmosphere when the only thing you have in your backyard is grass and it’s not doing all that well? 

Choosing Moscarino Outdoor Creations
It all begins with a talented and creative landscape designer backed by an experienced team of craftsmen. When you choose a company like Moscarino Outdoor Creations—which combines the two and routinely delivers more than you anticipated for your budget—that, my friends, is a real backyard value proposition.


The Story of Bob and Laura
Bob and Laura have a beautiful new home in Medina County. As previous residents of the area, the family moved out of state several years ago for a job opportunity and recently returned for family reasons. Bob explained their vision for their new backyard.

“We had many family visitors to our Indiana home over the years and we wanted to recreate the environment we had there, which everyone enjoyed. To do so, we needed to include a massive fire pit area that would become the hub for outdoor entertaining activities. Linda and I are passionate gardeners and will be doing our own planting for this project. For the hardscaping, we knew we would require professional help. Moscarino Outdoor Creations’ reputation for quality work and value made it an easy decision once we met with them.”

A 23’ Diameter Fire Pit Area
According to Ryan Delia at Moscarino, that fire pit area ended up being 23 feet in diameter by the time the circular seating area featuring limestone caps was finished.


“When Bob and Laura met with us, they had a rough sketch made of exactly what they wanted mirroring what they had at their former home,” he said.

“We knew more people would be visiting at a time so we had to make it larger. Their former hardscape was a composite deck. We were able to provide the family with paver patios for one-third less than what a new composite deck would have cost. To bring a bit of that feel into the project, we included a small composite deck for traffic between the house and the first patio.”

A Backyard Transformed
“We were impressed by the whole process. Moscarino’s software was like nothing we have ever seen. They knew exactly the right questions to ask during our consultation. That allowed the plan to fit all of our potential needs for the best value,” Bob elaborated.

“It allowed us not only to design the patios around the furniture, but also to actually place people in the numbers we anticipate having over so we got the exact size and detail we were after.”


That meant none of those dreaded revision orders. 

“When they began installing the pavers, they were laid out first like a big jigsaw puzzle and methodically placed. The crew were true artisans. Everyone, from the project manager to the construction crew to Ryan himself, was so easy and pleasant to work with. The lighting built into the steps and under the seating adds so much ambiance. We’re just thrilled.”

If Moscarino Outdoor Creations value proposition is the backyard solution you’ve been waiting to hear about, we suggest you call them soon at 440-236-9000. This award-winning contractor stays busy throughout the season and a call now will help to have your project scheduled for yet this year. For additional information visit

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