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Perfect Power Wash offers a Whole Home Makeover that provides homeowners with a thorough cleaning, removal of contaminants, and protection of all critical exterior surfaces.

By Bill Yurgen

Some the best views in Northeast Ohio come from the large, serene pockets of densely populated forests that blanket our landscape. These beautiful trees that adorn our parks and backyards do many things for us: they raise our property values, they provide shade from the sun on a hot day, and they help clean carbon dioxide out of the air and replace it with oxygen via photosynthesis.  

Glucose Feeds Contaminants
We all remember photosynthesis from our third-grade science class: carbon dioxide in, oxygen out. At a high level, that’s exactly how the process works, but when you drill a little further, the equation looks something like this:

CO2+ H2O + Light = O2 + Glucose.

Depending on the tree, glucose production can be important (we all like maple syrup on our pancakes and waffles, right?). But for most tree species in Northeast Ohio, a large portion of that glucose (another name for sugar) is excreted with the oxygen as an aerosol into the air and ends up settling on the large, flat surfaces of our homes.

Whether trees line your property or are hundreds of yards away, these sugars eventually make their way onto your siding and become fuel for mildew and algae growth.

It’s this sugar that provides high-energy food for the countless microorganisms that also end up on your home—like mold, algae, and other contaminants. The sugar also makes it exceedingly difficult to remove these contaminants from your siding because it acts like a natural glue adhering to the surface. Anyone who has ever parked their car under a tree will have some not-so-fond memories of thousands of tiny of dots coating their car finish and windshield. Imagine what happens to your home’s siding after years and years of glucose buildup.

A Problem Requiring a Professional Solution
Most folks might see these contaminants on their siding while they’re out watering the flowers and try to hit it with the jet nozzle on the garden hose only to wonder why it’s not making a difference. The super-sticky glucose and the embedded contaminants feeding on it aren’t going to come off without properly formulated cleansers and the correct pressure.  

The exterior cleaning professionals at Perfect Power Wash have been taking care of this problem—common to homes in Northeast Ohio—for over 17 years.


“It’s very typical in these parts,” says Mike Palubiak, owner of Perfect Power Wash.

“Some homeowners who live in heavily wooded areas—including nearby local parks—have us out every year in order to keep the living organisms that grow on their homes in check. Others in less dense areas tend to have us out every two years to make sure the growth simply never returns.” 


“And it doesn’t really matter whether you have deciduous or coniferous trees in relatively close proximity to your home, since each type of tree releases different levels of oxygen and glucose at different times of the year,” Mike continues.

“It’s true that the levels in the air at any given time are exceedingly small, but your home siding never gets a break from the elements—24 hours a day, seven days a week, your home is always attracting these contaminants. We’ve spent the last 17 years perfecting the best ways to remove them.”


Removing Unsightly Organic Stains

It’s not just your siding that takes a beating, Mike says.

“If any part of your roof is under a tree, you’ll notice that black streaking is much more prevalent in that area,” he continues.


“The same is true for your concrete. One of the most common calls we get this time of year is for discoloration due to mold and mildew on driveways and walkways. Almost without exception adjacent trees and foliage are the culprits. Our team can help with those problems too, while you continue to enjoy your beautiful landscape.”

You can clean and protect your home by calling Perfect Power Wash at 440-984-6402 or 330-645-8098. For more information visit their website at

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