The power of acupuncture

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By Nigel Brayer, DC, FIAMA, Dipl. IAMA, Living Tree Center for Healing

One of my patients came to me following a battle with cancer. After having his kidney removed and enduring chemotherapy for treatment, he was weak and his systems were weak. He tried everything to get back to feeling normal. Post chemotherapy, it typically takes one to two years for a person to feel like themselves again. I suggested changes to his nutrition along with acupuncture to help him start rebuilding his systems. After just three months, he’s about 85 percent back to normal.

That’s the power of acupuncture.

Acupuncture targets the weak links in the body and rebalances them. It’s like a magical reset button and is ideal for addressing things like anxiety, high blood pressure and chronic pain.

Acupuncture breaks the cycle and retrains the body to return to proper function. See, the body’s natural state is to be healthy. When we get sick, we interrupt this way of being. By rebalancing a person’s systems, his or her natural state of health starts to manifest.

And the sooner you seek treatment the better you’ll feel.

Our doctors have received the highest level of acupuncture training and we are board certified by the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. We have helped hundreds of people find relief and we can help you, too. Most people experience a dramatic difference after just five sessions.

Needles the size of a hair are strategically placed on the body, and the experience is pain free. Sessions last 35-50 minutes.

I invite you to give us a call for a free consultation and first acupuncture session for just $73.

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