The recipe for fitness success at MaxStrength Fitness

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Twenty minutes, twice a week, slightly chilled. That’s the recipe for fitness success at Jeff Tomaszewski’s (in red tie) MaxStrength Fitness. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

When he was a graduate student studying exercise physiology at Case Western Reserve University in 2000, Jeff Tomaszewski wrote his master’s thesis on a case study he created exploring the benefits of a strength training program with 10- to 16-year-old Clevelanders.

“I was initially turned on to a new style of strength training—exercises designed to produce muscle failure in 20 minutes, twice per week—by a colleague,” he says. “Although I was skeptical in the beginning, that less time could produce greater results, after I studied the science behind it, I wanted to share it with others.”

The effect on the kids? It was profound. Within the group of 300 children, in comparison to a traditional running and jumping program, the students who exercised using Jeff’s modality gained more muscle/strength, and increased their vertical jump, sprint times and overall cardiovascular efficiency.

Fast-forward 18 years, and the protocol he so diligently tested and chose to take mainstream is at the core of his MaxStrength Fitness training studios. And in addition to studio owner, the title Jeff is most proud of is Chief Life Transformer.

“Science has shown us that focusing on muscle mass and strength is the key to aging longer and better,” says Jeff. “And the most efficient modality to building muscle mass is to max out the muscle and allow it a few days to rebuild. That’s why our program is only twice a week.”

Finding the Optimum Tipping Point
Jeff’s background in sports medicine, physical therapy and athletic training informs every component that makes MaxStrength different:

  • Custom-Designed Program: “I meet with new clients and go over their medical history, and we set goals and objectives specific to their individual needs,” he says. “Then we prescribe the most efficient, effective, and most importantly safe amount of exercise to achieve those goals.”
  • Specialized Equipment Calculated to Take Muscles to Fatigue: “It’s all about achieving the most efficient level of intensity by pushing muscles to the point where they can do no more,” he says. “Say I wanted to get a tan. I could stand outside in the middle of December, or the middle of July, or lay in a tanning bed. Each would provide a completely different effect. We take the muscles to their highest, safest point of failure, which I know might sound intimidating, but they need to break down before they can rebuild.”
  • Studio Temps Set at 65-67 Degrees: “Studies indicate that colder workouts put the body in a more efficient state of calorie- and fat-burn,” explains Jeff. “It revolves around the mechanical process of your body working to heat itself up, which boosts metabolism. The body simply performs better. And a nice bonus is clients don’t sweat during the workouts, so there’s no need to shower afterward. They can fit sessions in easily during a lunch hour.”
  • A Heightened Level of Professionalism: “Our clients enjoy the fact that we are unlike other gyms,” he adds. “There are no mirrors or loud music in our studios. No one is hanging around socializing or waiting to get on machines. Professional training is done one on one. We’re here to do the most efficient work, with an almost Zen-like focus on the individual. There is no group training nor are there boot camp classes.”

At the end of the day, Jeff says what he loves best about the studios he’s founded is the profound effect they have on so many people’s lives.

“The spirit of transformation and improvement permeates every aspect of their mindset, every relationship in their lives,” he says. “And that’s so rewarding for us.”

The staff at MaxStrength Fitness Willoughby

Spreading an Attitude of Gratitude
Jeff and his big-hearted training team realize their success has come largely from people in the community spreading the good word about their superior results.

And that’s one of the reasons a part of their mission is to give back and get involved with the community.

“On an ongoing basis, we engage with local and national charities, such as Prayers From Maria and the American Heart Association, sponsoring drives and events,” says Jeff.

“It’s just part of our culture to give in big and little ways and raise awareness about meaningful causes.”

MaxStrength Fitness is located at 2211 Crocker Road, Suite 120 in Westlake. or, at 4212 State Route 306, Suite 120 in Willoughby. To experience this style of exercise, just call 440-835-9090 for Westlake and440-226-8080 for Willoughby and request your complimentary initial consultation and demo workout. You can find out more information and view more testimonials at