The right side of real estate

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Members of the Exactly team, proudly headquartered in Northeast Ohio, are (left to right) Kevin Wasie and Patrick Barmann, seen here consulting with clients.

By Laura Briedis

Every so often, companies come along that change the way we do things. Facebook changed the way we communicate. Uber revolutionized the way we get around. Netflix streamlined how we watch movies. And now in real estate, Exactly’s mission is to transform the way we sell homes.

Founded in Northeast Ohio in 2018, this innovative real estate company brings together an experienced team to provide homeowners a better way to sell their home.

Everything is different, from flat-rate pricing to instant-offer kiosks set up inside homes during open houses. Even the “for sale” sign is unique, with its tall, three-dimensional cube shape signaling there is something distinctive about this company.

“After working as a mortgage loan officer, I joined Exactly so I could be on the ground floor of this exciting new type of brokerage,” says Patrick Barmann, an Exactly real estate agent. “With a background in financing, I bring a unique perspective to the role of a real estate agent.”

“We make the home-selling process simple and transparent—all the while offering high-quality service,” says Patrick, who is a graduate of John Carroll University.

The home selling process is simple and stress-free. An Exactly real estate agent meets with the homeowner to discuss goals, provides a eight-plus page pricing analysis, creates a marketing plan utilizing high-quality photography and digital geo-marketing, and lists the home on the MLS along with hundreds of other websites like Zillow and Trulia.

And when it comes to accepting offers, Exactly utilizes its own proprietary software. Once someone submits an offer (either via kiosk or online), the computer program immediately sends an offer summary sheet to the seller, detailing everything from the commission paid to Exactly and any applicable buyer’s agent commission, to home warranty costs and title insurance fees.

“The seller will know down to the penny how much money they will get from a prospective offer, thus helping with our negotiation strategy,” says Kevin Wasie, owner of Exactly. “With our transparent, flat-rate pricing, we help homeowners minimize their expenses and maximize their profit.”

Exactly charges a $4,800 listing package fee instead of a percentage of the sales price. “Flat-fee pricing just makes sense,” says Patrick. “After all, it takes the same amount of work to sell a $700,000 home as it does a $200,000 home. Why should the seller of the nicer home be penalized?”

To list your house or for more information, call Exactly Real Estate at 866-515-6789 or visit Exactly Real Estate is located at 209 South Main Street, 6th Floor, in Akron.