The team behind the Moscarino Outdoor Creations landscape

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Behind every lawn maintained or award winning landscape created by Moscarino Outdoor Creations are the many teams who ensure a suburb job— every time.

By Bill Yurgen

“Great experience with Ryan and Kevin from Moscarino in redoing my patio and fencing in my yard. They always responded quickly to questions and changes I wanted to make and helped create a great design we’re extremely happy with. Can’t be happier we chose to go with them!”
—Review by Korey L., eight months ago

The good (and extremely busy) people at Moscarino Outdoor Creations have a well-earned reputation with homeowners and businesses alike throughout Northeast Ohio. 

A visit to Moscarino’s Facebook Page reveals not only broad customer satisfaction and rave reviews, but an extensive library of recent project photos to excite anyone dreaming of their own backyard project.

We thought it might be fun to take a look beyond the obvious and delve into what happens behind the scenes before that first blade of grass is ever cut or that first patio stone has been expertly placed. 



What we found is this: Moscarino Outdoor Creations now employs over 100 people, ranking them among the largest local family-owned businesses in the area. They have two locations, allowing them to provide timely, efficient service tailored to the needs of their customers. 

We also found that a typical day at the firm looks something like this:

How Your Lawn is Made Beautiful

  • 6:00 a.m. - Each morning the maintenance shop comes alive with mechanics working on the company’s vast fleet of trucks and equipment. Among other duties, the mechanics in the maintenance shop prepare the mowers for the day ahead. Mower blades are kept honed to a perfect edge that ensures the type of clean cut that not only makes for a better looking lawn, it creates a healthier one as well. Mower decks are aligned for optimal performance and minimal scalping.
  • 7:00 a.m. - The loading of the lawn trucks begins and all lawn maintenance equipment is fueled and ready to go for the day ahead. The yard supervisor orchestrates it all like a well-choreographed ballet, so the trucks with their crews can leave on time and begin arriving at Moscarino’s many clients as scheduled.



Where Quality Work Begins

  • 7:30 a.m. - Moscarino’s management team holds their daily morning meeting. The management team discusses any important issues from the previous day, makes any last-minute adjustment to the day’s schedules for the many work crews about to disembark the two yards, and reviews the progress on the company’s current projects. Management team members share insights from their many years of experience with each other as they look to optimize their work or tackle the challenges. The result? Every project moves forward as thoughtfully as it was planned.
  • 8:00 a.m. - Lines of trucks begin to leave Moscarino’s yard, heading to their many destinations throughout Northeast Ohio.



Customer Dream Backyards Get Closer to Reality

  • 8:30 a.m. - The design team begins sorting through notes from the previous evening’s presentations of new landscape plans and first-time meetings with customers. Detailed plans that are easily understood by their clients are created in Moscarino’s design studio. Considerations for traffic flow, present and future use, furniture positioning, the number of people using, the client’s time and ability to maintain and family growth are all taken into consideration. Key ingredients like color palette, water and fire features as well as entertainment options anchor the designs.


Moscarino’s “Pro-Active” Approach

  • Throughout the day - Field personnel log any issues that owners may be unaware of to be reported to the account manager handling that client. This is a core function of Moscarino Outdoor Creations’ legendary “Pro-Active Customer Service.” 
    If it’s a minor issue, the team will proceed to take care of a problem in the manner they know the homeowner would want it handled. If the problem is larger or more involved, they will make the homeowner aware and present the best options for satisfying the problem. This way, things like problem sprinkler heads, wet areas, invasive plants and other outdoor issues can be solved early when the repair cost is lowest and before significant damage occurs.
  • 5:00 p.m. - The crews return to the yard and begin the cycle to ready for another day of  making our area more beautiful. Looking back at the many accomplishments made over the day, every employee can proudly say, “We did a good job and we had fun doing it.”

If you would like to discuss how Moscarino Outdoor Creations can expertly maintain your property, bring your backyard dreams to reality or just do a thorough fall clean-up of your beds, you may call them at 440-236-9000. Let your creativity run away with you by visiting

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