The Vionic woman

Surin Pwtr 417
Vionic Shoes has taken the lifestyles of women in our society and built a brand around them that can be worn by anyone.

By Emily McCullough, Lucky Shoes

Who is the Vionic woman?

Vionic Shoes has taken the lifestyles of women in our society and built a brand around them that can be worn by anyone. The company’s creations (based on the health of a foot) have been translated into works of limitless innovation, with styles ranging from sandals to athletics to boots. Because this brand caters to every aspect of life, any woman can become a Vionic woman.

Calypso is an espadrille wedge that can be utilized as a terrific work shoe, or even a weekend shoe for springtime. Women who wear this shoe can wear it casually or dressy, giving it versatility and multiple uses.


The Tide sandal collection is widely accepted by many women because it has the look of a flip-flop with immense support for use in many aspects of life. Tide Sport shows off a sporty-casual look that has the fashion world booming with excitement. This athleisure sandal can be used for a casual stroll or even a run to the grocery store. The flip-flop also makes a great pool or beach shoe.


Vionic’s Sosha is a casual sandal for those hot days of summer. This T-strap sandal goes wonderfully with any piece in your wardrobe, and the ornamentation on the straps adds a trendy effect.


Surin, as seen in the main photo, is a useful option for work as well as something that can be worn during the springtime with a dress or skirt. The perforations create breathability, but the shoe also provides a dressy option. 
The Flex Sierra sneaker is an ideal walking shoe, contributing to the athleisure trend on display everywhere. This lightweight shoe can be taken on vacation or for a long travel day.


Sonora is a fun take on the gladiator sandal trend, and you don’t have to go on a Grecian vacation to wear it. This fun sandal can be worn casually or dressed up and is the perfect go-to sandal for your wardrobe.



So, who is the Vionic woman? She is every woman, including ourselves.
The new Vionic store is located at 2693 West Market Street in Fairlawn Town Centre. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; and Sunday, 12:00 p.m.-5 p.m. The phone number is 330-572-2775. For more information, visit or check out their Facebook page.