The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate offer a comprehensive guide to selling your home yourself

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The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate have created a free home-selling kit called “10 Inside Secrets for Selling Your Home Yourself.”

By Patricia Nugent

Most real estate agencies view people who try to sell their own homes as adversaries cutting into their bottom line. But The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate aren’t at all like most real estate agencies.

“As professionals, we appreciate what a difficult decision this is, and take a positive and encouraging approach to those in this situation,” says Denise Zervos, of Platinum.

“And we’re well aware of all the tricky challenges people face when trying to sell a home by owner, from finding qualified buyers to marketing their home in the best light and negotiating the most favorable deal.”

That’s why we offer a complimentary home-selling kit called “10 Inside Secrets for Selling Your Home Yourself.”

It covers everything you need to know for a successful home-selling process, and also includes all the forms required by the State of Ohio to sell your home, a market value report to give to buyers, and discount coupons to save hundreds of dollars off title and closing costs.

The top secrets include:

  1. Price it right.
  2. Prepare your home for sale.
  3. Prepare yourself with all necessary legal documentation.
  4. Market your home efficiently.
  5. Remain objective during a showing of your home.
  6. Pre-qualify your prospects.
  7. Negotiate effectively and knowledgeably.
  8. Know your buyer.
  9. Don’t move out before you sell.
  10. Know why you’re selling and keep it to yourself.

Denise points out that pricing your home is at the number one spot for a reason. This is critical, because people are often too emotionally attached to their home to come up with the realistic just-right price for their market that will ensure a sale.

“Pricing is just one of the roadblocks to people selling their own home,” she says.

“And we hope this kit helps them through the others. We understand the main reason they want to sell their own home is to save money, but, in the end, it might end up costing them more. As in the past, we’ve also been open to stepping in at any point of the process to help guide them, whether it’s negotiating the best deal, or helping stage a home for quick sale.”

Platinum Real Estate has seven offices in Northeast Ohio and five in Southern Florida. To request a personalized Home Selling Kit, call 216-990-2100 or 440-974-SALE. For more information visit