This is the time to schedule a free evaluation with Roni Bell to determine if your current Medicare plan is still the best fit for you in the coming year

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One agent, one appointment, and done. That’s how easy it is to schedule an annual Medicare review with Roni Bell of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency and this year could be the best year to consider your options. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Beth Newcomb

Fear of change, information overload and complacency are just some of the reasons people on Medicare stay put in their plans when the annual enrollment period comes around. 

“It can be difficult to know what to do,” says Roni Bell, a licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

“Many people do nothing, and miss out on benefits they could be taking advantage of. Others stick with a plan that no longer meets their needs, but don’t realize it until that first doctor or pharmacy visit of the year.”

This year, the annual enrollment period for Medicare is Monday, October 15, through Friday, December 7. This is the time, Roni says, to evaluate your current plan to see if it’s still the best fit for you in the coming year. It’s also the time to learn about benefits that may make switching to a new plan more advantageous.

Beginning in 2019 and annually thereafter, a Medicare Advantage (MA) open enrollment period (OEP) will take place from January 1 through March 31. The new OEP allows individuals enrolled in an MA plan, including newly MA-eligible individuals, to make a one-time election to go to another MA plan or Original Medicare.

“You don’t want to be stuck in a plan that doesn’t work for you,” Roni suggests.

“Obviously the goal is to get it right the first time,” she adds. “That’s where I come in. I’ve done the legwork, combing through the details of the plans offered by all the major carriers. So when we schedule a time to sit down together, I’m in a position to present a number of different options to you and let you decide which one best meets your needs.”

That’s one of the greatest benefits of working with Roni. Because HealthMarkets represents nearly all of the major carriers in Ohio, your Medicare review can be a one and done. 

“It saves people a lot of time and energy to only have to meet with one insurance agent,” she explains. 

“Plus, my office is conveniently located on Pearl Road. I offer evening and weekend appointments, and it only takes about 45 minutes to meet with me. I’m also offering a number of different seminars during annual enrollment to help people get a better understanding of their Medicare options.”

Roni’s goal, she says, is to help people find the best carrier for them, year after year. But while your carrier may change, your relationship with her doesn’t. 

“No matter which carrier you choose, you’ll always be with me and I’ll still help you along the way.”

“I’m there to learn about your particular situation. That’s how I base my recommendations,” she continues. “And because I’m not beholden to one particular company, we can really dive into how you use your plan, who your doctors are, what medications you’re taking and what your budget is.”

Medicare is highly personal, and what works for your spouse may not work for you, and what worked for you last year may not work for you this year. During this year’s annual enrollment period, that may be particularly true.

“Just about all of the carriers have gotten more aggressive with the benefits they offer in an effort to attract more business,” Roni reveals.

“You’ve got drawers full of stuff, a house full of stuff and a garage full of stuff, why not have a Medicare plan full of stuff? By making a change this year, you might be able to get additional benefits that you could find very useful, without having to pay more money. All you have to do is schedule a review.”

In fact, tapping into Roni’s knowledge base won’t cost a thing. Your review, her service and her guidance are all free of charge.

Meet Roni
Roni spent a little time here and a little time there before moving to Ohio more than 20 years ago. 

“I grew up in California, moved to Indiana, met my husband in Virginia…I’ve been all over the place,” she smiles.

When her husband, Rick, got transferred to Ohio, to couple made the move to Brunswick, which is where they and their two children, Grant, 17, and AnneMarie, 15, have made their home.

“I love to travel and my husband and I ride motorcycles to different parts of the state—and beyond—in the summer,” she smiles. “Well, actually I ride a Honda trike and he rides a motorcycle, but you get the idea.”

Roni says in her spare time she also loves to catch up on a good read and is thrilled when she can find the time to enjoy a show at Playhouse Square. Her kids are involved in sports and cheerleading, so she commits some of her days to enjoying their activities.

Roni has been with HealthMarkets since 1999.

Roni Bell, licensed insurance agent of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, has an office at 1039 Pearl Road in Brunswick. Hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday, Sunday and evening hours by appointment. The phone number is (330) 225-2550. You can schedule a time to meet with her at the office, or she’s happy to visit with you on your own turf or a location of your choosing. As the Medicare annual enrollment period is already heating up, the time to schedule your free review with Roni is right now.

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