Weight loss for every body

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Healthy One WeightLoss offers a personalized weight loss plan that guarantees results.

By Beth Newcomb

Hundreds of people have gone through our program and realized tremendous weight loss,” states Dr. Frank Dachtler, who exclusively offers the Healthy One WeightLoss program in Broadview Heights.

Healthy One WeightLoss isn’t a traditional diet, Dr. Frank says. It’s a manageable lifestyle change during which participants learn how to modify their relationship with food, and for most people results in a decrease or elimination in medications, a decrease in cholesterol and high blood pressure, a decrease in blood glucose levels, and a guaranteed 20- to 40-pound weight loss in six to eight weeks.

Dr. Frank participated in the development of the program that was years in the making. After ensuring it could live up to promises made, he launched Healthy One four years ago and says he continues to fine-tune the plan as new information becomes available.

Dr. Frank notes the Healthy One WeightLoss program is a perfect fit for any body. Participants with as little as 20 stubborn pounds to lose all the way up to those with more than 100 to shed are candidates.

“Some people experience body changes as a result of aging and hormone fluctuations,” he explains.

“They find they just can’t lose weight the way they used too. Others have adopted bad habits that have stuck with them over the years, resulting in an annual weight gain of 10 pounds or more.”

Annie S.
Annie S. was in the latter group, having packed on the pounds over the years. But on the Healthy One WeightLoss plan, she’s lost a whopping 107 pounds to date—and is still going strong.

“On October 15 of last year, I made the decision to prioritize my physical well-being and started the Healthy One WeightLoss program. Over the years I’d made many attempts to lose and keep the weight off. However, I always found myself repeatedly playing the five pounds off, 10 pounds back on game. I eventually reached my breaking point but felt I had few options, and surgery wasn’t one of them,” Annie shares.

“A good friend recommended the Healthy One WeightLoss program, so I scheduled a consultation. When I met with the doctor and told him my story, he understood my struggles and pain. After he explained the program, it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for,” she adds.

Annie lost 40 pounds in the first seven weeks. The discipline and commitment were not easy, but the pounds were melting away, which made sticking with the plan a lot easier.

“My quick results were motivating. After months of hard work, I have shed over 100 pounds and couldn’t be more excited,” she exclaims.

“I have experienced a transformation that I wouldn’t have thought possible,” Annie continues. “Sadness, self-doubt and shame have been replaced with self-confidence, empowerment and self-love.”

Annie (left, pictured here with her cousin) prioritized her physical well-being and started the Healthy One WeightLoss program last year.

Annie’s story, Dr. Frank states, is not a one-hit wonder.

“We’ve heard a lot of stories like Annie’s,” he says. “But even if you don’t have that much weight to lose, we can help you make changes that are right for your body so that you not only lose weight, you also keep the weight off—permanently. Unlike other programs that create dependence, our program fosters independence, so that we never have to see you again unless you want to stop in to say, hello.”

What it Costs
The cost of the program can be virtually free when you consider the fact that you’ll no longer be dependent on expensive medications, you’ll be less dependent on visits to the doctor, and you’ll have your health—and your life—back, which are priceless.

If you’re tired of feeling unwell and of carrying around more weight than you should be, and if you’re ready to commit to a new way of thinking, living and eating, Dr. Frank a invite you to give them a call.

Schedule a Healthy One WeightLoss consultation by calling 440-230-1113 in Broadview Heights, 330-201-6436 in Norton, or 330-734-7919 in Brunswick. Visit HealthyOneWeightLoss.com to learn more.