When it comes to the rejuvenation and maintenance of wood structures, Deck Rescue is a go-to expert

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If you have a log home or a home with stained wood siding, hiring a professional company like Deck Rescue is a must.

By Bill Yurgen

How has this year of changes affected local businesses? Dave Hydock, owner of Deck Rescue in Medina County, was happy to report that all those folks confined to their home were giving their decks more scrutiny than ever.

“People are spending a lot more time in their yards and on their decks this year,” Dave says. “They’re noticing more issues with their deck’s appearance than usual—and that’s a good thing. The earlier we can refinish a deck, the better. It is far less costly to bring back a deck’s like-new appearance and keep it that way with periodic maintenance than replace it.”

A Wise and Frugal Choice
“One thing that hasn’t changed, people don’t want to spend more money than is necessary,” Dave says.

Dave Hydock, exterior wood refinishing specialist, founder and president of Deck Rescue.

“Doing a Deck Rescue early and giving our customers a big visual improvement for their money is always a winner. But what many people do not realize is that a deck that’s well worn by weather and traffic is normally salvageable, often to the point where its appearance rivals new, for a fraction of the price of a new deck. Some people just put it off fearing the cost, not knowing how affordable it can be.”

From neglected eyesore to pristine point of pride, this deck is ready for summer fun. Once “rescued,” Deck Rescue can maintain that like-new appearance with a deck wash and touch-up.

“They don’t realize they can save a lot of money over time by having us restore their deck now,” he adds. “Doing so halts the further deterioration of their deck’s appearance, and gives them a space they will enjoy using instead of avoiding.”

Why Deck Rescue?
This August, Deck Rescue will celebrate its 25th year in business. They have succeeded as a niche company because they have chosen to master a difficult skill and are experts in what they do. That’s why Deck Rescue has a long list of loyal customers who rely on the company to keep their decks looking their best for a very reasonable periodic cost.

Giving Your Home a Deck Rescue
Anyone who has attempted to stain a deck on their own will appreciate how difficult it is to achieve a uniform appearance. That’s why more and more homeowners choose to have their decks refinished by professionals who stain decks day in and day out.

Deck Rescue restores maximum curb appeal to log homes and homes with stained shingles.

More importantly, if you have a log home or a home with stained wood siding, hiring a professional company like Deck Rescue is a must. Best results in appearance and performance are achieved when done by someone who can uniformly coat every square inch of surface.

Taking it From Bennett’s
Deck Rescue is proud to announce their relationship with Bennett’s Fun Store at 986 Medina Road. In business since 1976, Bennett’s sells top-quality outdoor structures, furniture and playsets from Ohio manufacturers. Bennett’s now recommends Deck Rescue for all maintenance and coating of the wood products they sell.

Deck Rescue is now booking late summer and fall jobs. For more information or an online estimate, visit the website at DeckRescue.net. To arrange your deck rescue in Medina County, call 330-764-3007.

For hours and more information on Bennett’s, you may call them at 330-239-4847 or visit their website at BennettsMedina.com for a fabulous selection of outdoor furniture and structures.