With patios, fireplaces, kitchens, splash pads for the kids, and more, the team at Williams Landscaping & Pavers can help you and your family enjoy the great outdoors, every day

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With so many amenities—like kitchens, fireplaces and lighting—homeowners can forget they’re outdoors. That’s why an abundance of plants and landscaping details are required to bring the yard to life.

By Adam Cook

The folks at Williams Landscaping & Pavers create a pathway to the outdoors.

Making the most of the yard comes naturally to owner Brian Williams, who never misses out on quality time outdoors with his wife, Brandy, and their nine kids.

“We like doing a lot of stuff outdoors,” Brian says.

“For us, it’s normal to try to be outside as much as we can. And one of the first questions I always ask our customers is:

‘What do you like doing outside—do you like entertaining or doing things as a family?’

One of the biggest trends right now is outdoor kitchens—sinks, countertops, islands—the whole works.”

Brian believes the yard is real estate that shouldn’t go to waste.

“We want to do everything we can to extend the life of our customers’ backyards,” Brian says.

Architectural elements like pergolas can frame space for an additional room outside, and added shade extends the daylight hours so you can relax and breathe easy without the sun beating down. Other architectural elements like fire pits encourage conversation that can last into the night and extend into the cooler months.

“Statement of Work”
Because Brian wants his customers to step out into yards that stand out, he and his crew stand behind their Statement of Work (SOW).

“Everything’s in writing so we can meet all our customers’ expectations,” says Brian. “Everything’s listed so we can ensure we meet every detail.”

At Williams Landscape the SOW is more than a contract.

“It’s a total commitment to serving our customers more effectively than anyone else could,” says Brian.

The SOW gives customers more than they ask for, and according to Brian, it puts them first. It sets customer expectations without being set in stone. Brian says he’s always ready to go back to the drawing board.

“When we visit our customers’ homes, sometimes they have only a vague idea of what they want, while other times they know exactly what they want,” adds Brian.

“We’ve done dozens of designs for some customers, and do it all free. We take the time to get it right—we’ll do a bird’s-eye view, a topography design, a color design, and a 3D design, and we won’t stop until the customer decides the details are just right.”

Eye Attraction At Every Point
Patios are big business at Williams Landscaping, and no job is too big or too small.

“The trend now is larger, deeper bluer color pavers and bold accents, and a lot of outdoor activity, like fireplaces, seating arrangements and kitchens,” adds Brian. “Basically, you want eye attraction at every point.”

Brian and his crew do everything from mulch beds to splash pads.

“Splash pads are a lot of fun, especially if you want to do something unique in your backyard; they’re not common in Northeast Ohio neighborhoods yet,” reveals Brian.

“But what’s really great is that it’s only there when you turn it on. Kids can have fun and adults can have their patio. There’s no more maintenance than a sprinkler system, and the water will run off. Plus, we use permeable concrete.”

Williams Landscaping does everything in its power to increase the utility of its customers’ yards.

“Anything we can do to lengthen your enjoyment of the outdoors, we do, and proper lighting does that even if you’re not outdoors,” says Brian. “The lighting looks great from inside your home or driving by on the road. A well-lit yard also deters crime and will make you the envy of the neighborhood.”

Bringing Your Yard To Life
With kitchens, fireplaces and lighting, homeowners might forget they’re outdoors, but it’s the abundance of plants and landscaping details that bring the yard to life.

Eighteen years in, Brian is a seasoned landscaper, but he says he puts his customers on the path to what they want.

“It comes down to personal preference, but you want plants that protect your investment,” says Brian.

“I personally like eastern redbud. It’s native to Ohio and does really well here; the color is vibrant and interesting all year long. I like using liriope or lilyturf for small accents along walkways. Texture has a lot to do with it. For instance, hostas have smooth and glossy leaves, so if I’m designing a backyard patio, and I don’t want to pick a lot of hostas and junipers because then you’re going from soft plants to rugged needle-like plants. Then there’s the color factor. There always needs to be flow and something interesting look at everywhere you turn. Even the shape of the patio can obstruct movement. That being said, every backyard is unique, and it’s always a collaboration.”

The folks at Williams Landscaping are with their customers every step of the way and have a warranty to back it up.

“We have a five-year warranty, and if anything happens, we’ll be there to fix it,” Brian assures. “It’s free—we stand by our work.”

Williams Landscaping & Pavers Ltd. is located at 800 Barchard St. in Grafton. Put yourself on the path to the outdoors by calling 440-476-9135. Find inspiration at WilliamsLandscaping.org. Consultations are always free.

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