You can help a little one in our area rest easier

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Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a volunteer effort to build bunk beds for local children who don’t have a bed to sleep in. One hundred percent of all donations are used for the cause.

By Patricia Nugent

Getting a good night’s sleep is something we all take for granted. Yet each night, unbeknownst to us, there are children in our neighborhoods who sleep on couches or even floors as they don’t have a proper bed.

Brian Lach says he found out about Sleep in Heavenly Peace while watching CNN. There was a profile on Luke Mickelson, who in 2012 dedicated his national program to build, assemble and deliver bunk beds to families in need.

“I believed so much in the purpose, I ended up flying to Idaho to undergo training to be a chapter president for Lake and Geauga Counties,” he says.

One of seven chapters in Ohio, since last September Brian’s volunteer-driven group has partnered with local social service organizations to pinpoint needy families.

“Sleep is critical to a child’s emotional and physical development,” says Brian. “Every child deserves to have a place to lay their head at night that is comfortable and promotes a good night’s sleep.”

Brian says that so far, his crew has built 25 bunks and his goal is to build at least 75 more this year.

“What makes our organization so special is that the community comes together to lend a hand,” says Brian. “For us, the roadblock is most people don’t realize how much need there is, how many kids have spent their whole lives sleeping on a couch or the floor. The agencies tell me there is definitely need here.”

He adds that volunteers get to deliver the beds as well and see the amazing reactions on the kids’ faces.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace builds bunks for kids in Lake and Geauga Counties. There are no paid employees and 100 percent of any donation goes toward the building and delivering of beds. For more information, or to donate your time, money or new bedding, visit, call Brian directly at 440-749-4098, or email him at

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