Your dream home really can represent your vision

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Therese Kish, of New York Textiles, designed the interior of her home to reflect her mid-century modern taste. The rooms expertly highlight that style while incorporating modern functionality. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

Cookie cutters are perfect for creating dozens of stars, trees, reindeer, angels and other holiday-themed sweets that, save for different colored sprinkles and icing, are pretty much identical.

Some people like houses crafted the same way. They find a builder who has a couple standard layouts, with colors and finishes predetermined to appeal to the masses. The choices are safe, and the same home is produced dozens of times over with only slight variations.

Then there are people who like to think outside the pre-packaged housing box and let their own creative vision come to life.

But how do you meld what lives in your head with a builder who can take what you’re dreaming about and turn it into a constructed home with help from an interior designer who understands that while you certainly appreciate the modern farmhouse style, you don’t necessarily want to live with it?

Opening the Book of Secrets
Most people rely on referrals from industry professionals who have worked with and highly recommend one another. That’s the case for Therese Kish, owner of New York Textiles, one of the area’s hottest interior design and window treatment firms, and her go-to builder, Mike Pearl, of Colony Home Builders. Their symbiosis has resulted in the completion of many a custom project. So, when Therese and her husband were ready to embark on constructing the new home of their dreams, they looked to Mike to create a plan that brought together all of the uncommon elements Therese had envisioned with expert-level construction and building techniques.

The result is a magnificent tribute to mid-century modern meets contemporary function—on a budget.

Therese’s 65-year-old company also specializes in window coverings, like draperies, blinds and shades.

The Designer
“I fell in love with mid-century modern style during my trips to Europe,” says Therese. “It’s refined, elegant and modern. That’s the style that brings me comfort and joy, but it’s not something you’ll find duplicated in every design. I’m like most people who want to set themselves apart from the pack, so I wanted my new home to reflect the style I love.”

Therese says she followed the same advice she gives to her clients. A curated space reflects individuality. Every lamp, rug, piece of upholstered furniture, piece of art and window covering is personally selected for the space. What’s not important, she stresses, is to go with what’s perceived to be “in style.”

“A professional designer works with you to make the space about what you love,” she says. “You don’t have to worry about whether or not a light fixture is hanging at the right height, or if the wood species for a cabinet is on point. That’s my job. I narrow the field of options to a few well-chosen pieces that reflect your style, and you pick from those. It makes the process so much less stressful.”

In addition to stunningly personal interior design, Therese’s 65-year-old company also specializes in window coverings, like draperies, blinds and shades. So her customization in your home can be as simple as a beautifully crafted drape, or as complex as the way your kitchen island plays off the wall and base cabinets.

The Builder
Mike is immensely proud to be a third-generation builder, having learned the trade from his father and grandfather. The company started on the east side and today builds homes all across Northeast Ohio. But Mike stresses the difference between what he offers and what other custom home builders offer is the luxury of creating an affordably priced home that’s unique to the homeowner.

Mike Pearl, of Colony Home Builders, built a home that included finish options specific to the homeowners’ tastes and styles. He and his team handled every aspect of construction, from blueprints to keys in hand.

“We work with an architect who can create a home design exclusively for you. And we have assembled a top team of tradesman who represent quality at every turn,” Mike says. “For Therese, we created a plan that worked with her and her husband’s lifestyle. They work from home, so they needed a space for that. And their style preference is mid-century modern, so we created a home design that not only reflected that look but also fit in with the neighborhood. We also kept the design fluid, so later on they could add outbuildings and other accessory changes if they wanted to.”

Mike describes the Colony Home Builders’ style as somewhere between custom and not. “The cost of your house depends solely on you and your budget,” he explains. “You can choose every aspect that goes into the interior. We have access to uncommon materials and finishes and can bring them all together. We’ll guide you every step of the way. We take the fear out of home building and want to help you love the process.”

Mike has personally been building homes for 30 years, and suggests readers visit his website to enjoy a virtual tour of four different houses he’s completed.

“Quality is something we stress,” he notes. “It’s an important part of the process that really sets us apart.”

To get started on constructing the home of your dreams, you can contact Mike Pearl of Colony Home Builders at 330-659-0425. His office is located at 10147 Royalton Road, in North Royalton. The website is For expert interior design guidance from start to finish, or to create a custom window treatment for your existing or new home, contact Therese Kish of New York Textiles at 440-235-7460, or visit

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