Your home isn’t clean until it’s Reliable Amish Cleaning clean

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Reliable Amish Cleaning handles mostly residential jobs, but also cleans for some commercial clients. The crews bring all the necessary cleaning tools and supplies. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Ken McEntee

Housecleaning can drive some people buggy.

“People are busy with work and kids’ activities,” notes Bill Domen, owner of Reliable Amish Cleaning.

“Cleaning their house is one of the last things they want to be doing when they finally get a break in their schedule. I noticed that even during the recession, when people had less money to spend, our business never dropped off. That’s because people value their time and appreciate having their homes taken care of by honest and dependable cleaners.”

That, Bill insists, is why his company has always employed Amish crews.

“I bought the business about twelve years ago from my uncle who retired after many years in the housecleaning business,” Bill recalls. “I had a great job with a polymer company, but being confident in the reputation of the cleaning crews, I was happy to take it over.”

The company is located in Huntsburg, close to the center of the Amish community of Middlefield.

“Our girls are Amish from Middlefield,” Bill explains. “They are driven to their clients’ homes by a foreman. They are very distinctive when they arrive. Neighbors are always curious and they always approach them for business cards. In fact, that’s how we get a lot of our new clients.”

And, no—they don’t arrive in a buggy.

Reliable Amish Cleaning handles mostly residential jobs, but also cleans for some commercial clients. The crews bring all the necessary cleaning tools and supplies.

“We do homes of all sizes, from small apartments to 10,000-square-foot luxury homes,” Bill says.

Pricing is simple, he says. The company charges a flat hourly rate.

“An apartment can usually be done in an hour,” he says. “We have larger homes that might take three or four hours. Regardless of the size of the job, our crews leave your home sparkling clean.”

They handle routine house cleaning such as dusting, vacuuming and mopping. They don’t do heavier jobs like wall and seasonal window washing.

“One of the things our customers like is the consistency of their cleaning crews,” Bill says.

“Some of the bigger cleaning companies have a lot of employees that get routed to jobs according to what’s efficient for the company. That means that over the course of a month, a client might have three or four different crews going into their homes. With us, you’re going to get the same cleaners every time. Cleaners who are familiar with your home and your preferences are naturally more likely to do a better job. But there is also an issue of trust. When a new person is coming to clean all the time, you never get a chance to know and trust them.”

Reliable Amish Cleaning will schedule your cleanings weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whatever intervals are convenient, Bill promises. We also do one time cleanings.

“Some people have the same work done on each visit, but others choose to have us come for an hour or two and do as much as we can, then take care of some other rooms the next time,” Bill explains. “That way you can cap your expenses for easier budgeting.”

He says the honest and reliable reputation of Amish workers gives comfort to his customers. They also can rest assured that if there is ever a question or concern about their service, they can speak directly to the owner of the company.

“When you call us, you are dialing direct to my cell phone,” he says.

You can schedule your Reliable Amish Cleaning and get more information by calling Bill Domen, at 440-636-3056.