Fitness Together Training Studio Highland Heights

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“Our highly motivating, customized approach to training is where we shine. We work with different clients of various ages and come up with individualized plans to help them meet their goals.”—Sean Sullivan, owner Fitness Together


Blanketing the Cleveland market, Highland Heights joins other Fitness Together studios in Brecksville, Bay Village and Concord.

Creating individualized plans based on each client’s capability is the platform that certified and seasoned Fitness Together trainers use to partner with clients to achieve their goals, whether that means losing weight, improving flexibility or muscle tone, or just working toward a healthier lifestyle.

The one-on-one attention and expert guidance provide motivation and accountability that you don’t get in traditional workout facilities. Everything they do is science-based and proven to produce results.

Plush private training suites include all the latest equipment:

• TRX equipment
• cardio machines
• suspension bands
• medicine and stability balls
• battle ropes
• weights

Clients range from students to seniors, busy moms and dads to professional athletes.

Cultivating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere Fitness Together, Sean says, offers a friendly, inviting environment. When you walk in the door, somebody will greet you and direct you to your suite.

Knowledge is power. During your initial consultation, your fitness level will be assessed, and goals will be discussed. And then as your training progresses, your numbers are re-evaluated along the way.

Putting it all Together: Nutrition Coaching
To maximize clients’ results and complement the personal training, the studio also offers Nutrition Together. This proprietary, six-week nutritional coaching program, which is overseen by a registered dietician, encourages people to eat smarter and get rid of unhealthy eating behaviors.

Counseling sessions cover topics like how to eat light, proper grocery shopping and dining out while still eating healthy.

Based on food journaling, clients say the program is eye-opening, not only creating a real picture of what and how much they are eating, but discovering the why, the motivation behind their eating. Participants will learn about how their relationship with food shapes their lives.