Harvest Saloon

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"I have a passion for everything country, from being out in the open air surrounded by cornfields to the enjoyment of country music. I want customers to feel and taste that wholesome country flavor.” – Mike Keho, owner.

Categories: Westside Food & Dining

Back to the country
Strongsville always was "out in the country" for people growing up a few exits north on I-71. After a few decades of dynamic development, country has returned to Strongsville.

Country music, at least.

Fresh food; fair price
"I chose Harvest Saloon because it reminds me of being out in the country, pulling a cob of corn off the stalk, or picking an apple off a tree and taking a bite," Owner Mike Keho explains. "That's the direction we're going with our new menu - fresh and homemade. We now have a stove in the kitchen, so we're able to serve some pastas and fresh vegetables and other healthier options that we weren't able to do before. Our goal is to improve the food quality but keep our prices in the same range as before."

Families welcome
Harvest Saloon is a family friendly establishment, with pool tables, air hockey and other games to keep kids and parents entertained. For those who would prefer to sit, relax and enjoy a beverage while watching the game, Harvest Saloon has plenty of flat screens.

Harvest Saloon is located at 15147 Pearl Road, in Strongsville. For more information, visit harvestsaloon.com, or call 440-238-9464.