Knollwood Cemetery

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“The goal at Knollwood Cemetery is to create a setting that was esthetically and artistically suited to our original ideals of beauty, a true garden of eternal rest. We have helped generations of families, my own included, deeply cherish the memory of their loved ones.” —Forest Reichert, president of the Knollwood Cemetery association

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Over the past century Knollwood Cemetery has changed with the times, expanding with the demand for aboveground burial by building one of the largest mausoleums in the country in 1926.

At 200,000 square feet, the mausoleum includes a gorgeous collection of 17 Tiffany windows, and houses 7,000 full-sized burials. Its chapel features a Wurlitzer organ that’s one of a handful in the world.

The mausoleum is open to the public and would make a fascinating field trip for any art-lover or history buff interested in Cleveland’s storied past.

Carrying on the Tradition
The cemetery’s newest building was constructed in 2020. It was designed by an architect from a firm in Wisconsin to complement the existing mausoleum. The building provides both indoor and outdoor space for 435 aboveground burials and 192 niches.

Features include:

  • A serene setting with soaring walls of glass on its east-west axis to provide sunrise and sunset views
  • A mix of earthy materials, such as pale oyster gray and black granite, natural pine wood ceilings and a copper roof
  • All materials made in America and it was constructed by people who had already done work at Knollwood
  • Includes adjacent parking spaces for easy access to visitors

A few famous and historic figures interred at Knollwood include:

  • politicians
  • captains of industry
  • philanthropists
  • sports legends
  • musicians, poets and artists
  • mobsters
  • Dr. Sam Sheppard and his wife Marilyn
  • Sonny Geraci, lead singer of The Outsiders
  • the family of comedian Bob Hope

Helping People find Their Loved Ones
It can be difficult to find an existing grave with such a large piece of land.

With the HMIS system, in seconds of someone calling in with a request, not only can they find a grave, but also print out a map of exactly where it is and how to find it.

The Plusses of Planning Ahead
Selecting an internment space calmly and wisely before it is needed saves money and anguish.

The cemetery’s compassionate staff can explain options for pre-planning, including considerations such as burial vs. cremation, aboveground vs. inground burial, etc.

It also saves significant funds, as people lock into today’s prices for something that will hopefully happen far in the future.