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"When you're ready, I can offer a second opinion regarding your financial future. I'll even buy the coffee." —Michael Brady, owner

Whether you’re looking for sound investment advice or a guide to spending your golden years in relative comfort, Michael Brady, of Michael Brady & Co., can help. 

Michael has been helping clients attain financial freedom for over 25 years as a builder, keeper and steward of multi-generational wealth for substantial families worldwide.

He has advised, consolidated and simplified his clients’ financial lives, providing them with peace of mind and confidence in their financial futures.

Michael has always considered himself to be a man of values. He’s an Eagle Scout and helped guide his two sons to that honorable distinction as well.

It is those values that he applies as your financial adviser. It is his job, as well as a life’s mission, to help your family make a comprehensive financial plan, and then guide you through the completion of that plan, year in and year out.

“It is important for me to understand where you and your family are emotionally as well as financially. It is always my goal to build a plan with appropriate investments and guide you past any fears that you might have,” he says.

Michael’s approach is empowering to an investor. “I will use my expertise to select investment opportunities that match the goals of each client,” he says. And because he works on a simple fee basis, it’s easy to trust his instincts when changes to your portfolio need to be made. It means your needs in all financial matters always come first, not Michael’s.

“My clients don’t pay a commission or an arbitrary fee,” Michael says. “One fee covers all of the services we provide. My goal is to provide clients with answers to their financial questions, and solutions to meet their goals. It is important that they are informed and feel comfortable asking questions. I want to put my clients at ease when it comes to their financial plans.”

Simply put, working with Michael makes wealth simple.