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Working hard so you don’t have to!

Known as “The Bearded Realtor” around Northeast Ohio, Nick Colton of Russell Real Estate Services, guides clients through the challenging process of home buying and selling with knowledge, compassion, and wit.

Immersing himself in the local real estate listings market and tapping into professional photography, staging skills and proven marketing tools, he helps people sell their homes faster and for more money than other realtors. Before the “for sale” sign even goes up, he’s already crafted a marketing strategy and reached out to a pool of potential buyers. Expertly positioning a home, especially on social media outlets, is one of the many ways Nick sets himself apart from others.

Cleveland is emerging as a hot market for realty relocation. To take advantage of that, Nick taps into a global network to connect with buyers and sellers all over the world. He stays informed on emerging trends and current regulations.

His journey as a truly local real estate agent is a great story. While buying his own first home with his wife, the realtor they worked with—Sandy Pinali—saw in Nick a spark of talent and genuine people skills. She strongly encouraged him to switch careers and break into real estate. He listened to her and earned his license in 2019. After joining the Russell Real Estate Services Medina office, Sandy mentored him and helped him learn and grow in the business. He became a Certified Service Expert and mentor himself. Being rated 5/5 by his clients is a significant accomplishment.

The family-owned brokerage gives him a feeling of being well-cared for by a community of seasoned professionals.

As a proud family man with a cherished wife and two sons, Nick treats other families as he would his own. He informs clients of every step of the buying and selling process and goes the extra mile by attending appraisals and inspections. Communication is a pillar of his success and he’s accessible for any and all questions.

On his website, you’ll find a tool to discover how much your home is worth. And after Nick does a walk-through, he can tell you if now is the best time to sell and give you a realistic expectation of how much you can expect to sell it for.

Call Nick Colton today to find out how “The Bearded Realtor” can take you through the process of home buying and selling.