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“A reluctant or guarded smile is never a connecting smile. Straightening and whitening your teeth results in a happier, healthier, more confident smile.” —Dr. John White

Patients are never too young or too old to improve their smiles, with either traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners.

Not Just For Kids
About 25 percent of patients getting orthodontics today are adults, and a lot of them are opting for Invisalign. These clear aligners are virtually invisible, and they also are removable so you can take them off when eating or for special events. Invisalign braces offer a discreet orthodontic option that works well for both teens and adults.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces
Unlike most orthodontists, Dr. White offers both Invisalign and traditional braces for the same fee, so patients can choose the treatment that works best for them.

Specializing in Orthodontics
Dr. White has achieved the designation of "Elite Premier Provider," placing him in the top 1 percent of Invisalign providers worldwide. An orthodontist for more than 30 years and a clinical professor at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. White is passionate about his profession and works closely with each patient to achieve the best results.  

The home of happy confident smiles, Smiles by White offers:

• Complete orthodontic treatments for kids and adults
• Jaw development
• Teeth straightening
• TMJ/TMD treatment
• Snoring/sleep apnea appliances
• Teeth whitening

All new patients receive a free dental CAT scan.

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