Steven Lichtig, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

Steven Lichtig
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“The opportunity to strengthen your wall of insurance protection is here. I can help you determine which products meet your needs and your budget, while keeping you wrapped in a safety net." —Steven Lichtig, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

“I was an attorney in a previous life,” smiles Steven Lichtig, a licensed insurance agent for HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. “It worked because I like helping people. When the opportunity presented itself in 2007 for me to continue helping people but in a different environment, I jumped at the chance to join the HealthMarkets team.”

Steven says having been an attorney gives him unique insights into coverage options other agents may not have. “Choosing insurance coverage is very personal, whether you’re a Medicare subscriber, you’re covered under the Affordable Care Act, you need life insurance protection, or you need products like vision and dental. There is no one-size solution for anyone.”

Supplemental plans available from HealthMarkets include coverage for things like critical illness, accidents and loss of income. Some supplemental plans can close the gap between where high healthcare coverage deductibles have been met and out-of-pocket expenses begin.

The Road to Medicare
If you’re already 65 or will be turning 65 in the next few months, scheduling a review with Steven can be beneficial—and save you money. “It’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Medicare,” Steven notes. “What might be right for your neighbor may not be right for you. I can do a review at no cost to you so you can understand which Medicare plan will best meet your needs and budget.”

Free Guidance
“By scheduling a free review with me to discuss your particular situation, we can build a wall of insurance protection that’s best for you,” Steven invites. “The best part is, it won’t cost you a dime to find out.”