Vivify Wellness at Avenues

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Vivify Yoga

“Our integrated holistic services provide a powerful boost to help people get back to themselves. Treatments can stand alone or work together to enhance relaxation and detoxification.” —Founder, clinician and counselor Lisa M. Borchert, M.A. Ed., LPCC

Living up to the term “vivify”—which means to make more lively or vivid, intense or striking—Vivify Wellness at Avenues is a haven for integrated holistic services that help clients lead a more vibrant life by finding harmony between mind and body.

Punctuated by warm reclaimed woods, a sliding barn door to separate the lobby and treatment rooms and rustic fixtures with Edison bulbs—the welcoming décor beckons you to stop in and stay awhile.

Founded by clinician and counselor Lisa M. Borchert, M.A. Ed., LPCC, the wellness center offers modalities that are aimed at achieving physical, mental and emotional well-being. Lisa is joined by a highly trained group of experts in providing them.

Services include:

  • salt room therapy
  • massage therapy
  • Reiki
  • infrared sauna
  • yoga
  • clinical nutrition counseling
  • NeurOptimal neurofeedback therapy
  • Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT)

Clients can opt for an individual service, or dabble in one of the 17 packages available, from Unload Your Allergies to Decompress to the Full Wellness Experience.

Relaxation and detox are integral to the process.
Choose from a detoxifying session in either the infrared sauna or salt room for restorative care.

Unlike traditional saunas, an infrared unit uses infrared lamps to heat the body without heating the air around it and penetrate more deeply for enhanced relaxation and improvement to achy joints and sore muscles, as well as sleep.

In addition to the sauna room, the salt room features a glowing wall of salt blocks and a state-of-the-art halo-generator that wafts pure pulverized salt into the air. Up to six people can enjoy a session at the same time.

Salt therapy is said to remove toxicity from the respiratory system, improve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and also boost the immune system.

For the ultimate relaxation, people can select to listen to beachy music, do a calming body scan, or follow guided meditation to customize their journey.

The room is the ideal venue for yoga classes, as well as Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) sessions and there’s a full schedule of class times each week.

UZIT incorporates three healing modalities: yoga therapy, essential oil therapy and Reiki.

Retraining the brain for greater clarity.
Provided by Lisa and Kristine Davis, LPCC, NeurOptimal therapy is a dynamic neurofeedback system that’s similar to brain training.

Clients wear sensors on their scalp and ear lobes that pickup information in real time and allow the brain to reorganize itself. Afterward, people report feeling more clear-headed and focused.

Although reservations for services is available online at, they accept walk-ins, too.